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We keep our house in and around 73 during the afternoon/evening, and at 64 for sleeping. My kids have compromised by wearing robes over their undies. As they've gotten older they've become more naturally modest and thus, cover up. But the thing about the feet drives me crazy. We have wood floors that are cold. So anyway, maybe try a robe?
Public school--formally Winter Vacation (I voted winter holiday), colloquially Christmas vacation
I agree with previous posters. I went to a state school and completed a masters degree through a program that is nationally respected. My thesis chair has had several honors bestowed on him for the work that he does. So I think I went to a good school. I disagree with the premise that a "state" school is not also a "good" school. It's one thing to say Ivy League or prestigious private and another to disparage a solid education just because it's not private. oh, and...
My father had a massive heart attack last summer and was in a coma for a week. It was sudden (obviously), and in another state, so I initially went by myself until he awoke. Then I came home, packed up the kids and returned for the weekend. I did a lot of prep with the kids re; IVs, frailty, etc. They were somewhat frightened, and fortunately he lived through it, but I was glad I took them. I will always remember that I was not allowed to see my grandmother just...
Now you'll have to go back and pay attention to some of the older movies with a keener ear.
It's so funny. I've always seen Disney as totally loaded with innuendo and adult-themed jokes. I think most of them go right over children's heads. But when you stop and listen to what they're saying, they're naughty!
The district my children attend school in requires 130+ full scale on the OLSAT. The district I work in uses the CogAT and we take 128+ on any of the three scales. We used to individually assess with the WISC but we couldn't reach the same number of higher cognitive kids so we switched over.
Quote: Originally Posted by txgal , and you can't really compare the way Esward looked to Jacob, he was supposed to look practically dead. Speaking of nipples, did you notice what looks like a bite mark on his left nip? Maybe he and Kristen were getting a little frisky before filming? :nana Oh and Sam looks hot during the cliff diving scene. Very nice. Yup. there was something awry with that left nipple. And I'm thinking "wax" for the...
http://abc.go.com/shows/a-charlie-brown-thanksgiving Thursday evening.
Quote: Saw it today... If the four showings after hadn't been sold out i would have def seen it AGAIN. Lol. I really hope to see it again before it leaves the theatre. I never gut to see Twilight on screen. Yesterday my two girlfriends and I went to see the 4 o'clock showing, walked over to the restaurant in the parking lot, had dinner and a couple of drinks then went back for the 10 o'clock showing. It was fun!
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