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2 years ago I gave birth to my oldest daughter Ella, and it was a very difficult and traumatic birth. See here for her story She and I both took a long time to recover from it. We started out at home then my cervix swelled up due to some very strong premature pushing. We worked on it for awhile at home to get it to resolve and then decided to transfer for some medical intervention. We were a little afraid that my strong pushing would either tear my cervix or push it out...
Oh! Yay! I did the first one and loved it! Thanks for posting this - I am going to start hunting! (well, whenever they fix their website...)
Thats interesting, I read somewhere that Ella was a Pisces by minutes or hours - which could explain why all the pushing I was doing under the sign of Aquarius wasn't working... I often wonder if she orchestrated my homebirth transfer so she could be the 'right' sign.
Ouch. The 22nd feels so very far away to me right now. BUT it is within the window for sure. Could be. Thanks for the info! I am pulling for Taurus even more so now! lol! Too much hot air.
When does Gemini start this year??? I am pregnant with #2 and "due" 5/15 - dh wants a Gemini, (he's one, I'm Aquarian, Ella is a triple Pisces) I kind think a Taurus would add more balance to our quarky little troup. Although usually Tauruses drive me insane. I just hate to see Ella ganged up on with all this wind! I can't find the answer online, I don't know why - its frusterating!! Anyone know?
ooohhh - Krystal, that looked great! I can't belive you did it on yourself - how could you manage such a pretty design upside down and backwards?? Mine has lasted a week now, and it still looks pretty dark - starting to fade a bit, I expect it to last another week. I wonder what it will look like when I finally have this baby - all deflated and wrinkled.. ha! lol! Should be interesting.
I got henna!! I don't post much here, but I saw this and thought I would show off a bit. http://i27.photobucket.com/albums/c1...ella/henna.jpg http://i27.photobucket.com/albums/c1...lla/henna2.jpg And me - in my 37 week glory (due 5/15, I took this last week) http://i27.photobucket.com/albums/c1...lla/henna3.jpg
Wow. That is just awful. I can't imagine hospitalizing THREE little ones! My word, Mama. Sending good thoughts that the MRSA hasn't spread to the twins and that your older ds starts responding to treatment. What scary, nasty stuff.
I recently discovered the joy of Burt's Bee's Shampoo Bar for my toddler. See Here Its fantastic. It gets the sand and banana out, and then her fine little locks comb without a tangle.
My bf from college was working in NYC as a waitress trying to live the dream of being an actress. She got TB (young, healthy 25 year old). She was in quarantine at the hospital (month or so?) and then for about 3 months in her apartment. She could only leave to go to the health department for meds and checks (wearing a mask) and was let off when her tests came back at a certain level. What seriously disturbed me about her story was not the confinment - that seemed...
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