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We have a Santa Fe that we've been driving for seven years. We bought it new and have put 160,000+ miles on it. We've never had it in the shop for anything other than routine maintenance and repairs (tires aligned/rotated, oil changed, that kind of thing...) We're very happy with it. I plan to drive it until it won't drive anymore.
Quote: Originally Posted by AmyPDX My DP mentioned something along these lines last night. She's not feeling left our, but she would like to commiserate with other people whose partners are 11DPO and dreaming up pregnancy symptoms at every turn and generally obsessing and driving their partner nuts. where's the board for THAT, she asks? That was me when we were TTC and my partner was the one carrying. I was the one charting everything and...
If that's a non-negotiable must-have, I'd go with the bank that has more options to choose from, unless you already know you have a strong preference for the only donor at the other bank. It's a frustrating process, to be sure. Wishing you luck, though, and congratulations!
All of the Molly West baby books are gender neutral regarding the parents; most sites that sell her books don't advertise that, but it's true. I love the one we bought for DS; it's beautiful and very well made.
My 29-month old boy sleeps about 10 hours at night, with at least a couple of wakings. On weekdays he usually naps for about 40 minutes, but lately he hasn't been napping at all. He needs more sleep, so I don't think this is "normal" for him. On weekends he takes longer naps, like 1.5 hours.
My toddler sometimes goes a day or two without pooping, then catches up on the second day. If you're worried, though, could you call her doctor or a nurse?
That sounds like what I felt when my son was a baby and I was depressed. The irritability made me feel like a bad mom, which fed my depression, which made me more irritable; lather, rinse, repeat. Bad cycle. I tried many non-pharmaceutical approaches first because I didn't want to take medication, but eventually I started on an anti-depressant, and it changed my life. I have to take it to be the mother I want and need to be. The change is so great -- for me and for my...
My personal most-hated: 1. "If that happens, you'll just go on bed rest and it will be fine!" Dude, have you noticed I have a toddler, and you know, A LIFE? (Said by my best friend -- a doctor -- in response to my concerns about high risk pregnancy and hypertension.) Not strictly about infertility, but related. 2. "Relax and everything will be fine." Did I hear you right? You just said "Relax and sperm will magically appear in your vagina at the exact right...
Congratulations and welcome baby!:
I have a family member with some hearing loss; he talks loud and always has. He really just can't tell that he's talking more loudly than people need him to. He would be very embarrassed if someone shamed him about it in public. Loud talking isn't always just rudeness.
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