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I totally understand how you're feeling as I think many here can.  I've been there many months myself.  We've been on and off the TTC wagon for a couple of years now for many reasons including the fact that I felt I just couldn't take one more month of disappointment.    I wish I had some words of wisdom to help you not feel so blue :-(  All I can say is hang in there!  And try to do something for yourself today, and focus on next month and the next adventure :-) 
doularebekah, thank you for the welcome!  I actually haven't started the vitex yet either.  Also waiting til the next CD1.  From everything I've read, it doesn't seem like it can hurt, and I'm willing to try it if it might get everything balanced out for me!  As for your chart, I'd agree with O on CD16 since that's where you had a longer pattern of fertile CM.    AFM, we're starting a New Year cleanse as well.  Some of my local friends are doing the Whole30 program,...
Hi everyone!   Just starting to follow along here.  Can you please add me to Waiting to O?  Here's my chart link :)  I don't know what is going on this month.  My temps are all over the map!  I'm guessing it has something to do with the cold I'm fighting.    Has anyone here used Vitex?  I'm pretty sure I'm O'ing just fine, but I suspect high testosterone and estrogen and low progesterone.  Haven't had any luck lengthening my LP with B6 :-/   Looking forward...
I know this message is almost 2 years old.... but I was wondering... did you have any luck finding someone locally?  I'm currently searching for an herbalist and/or naturopath with a gyn specialty.   Thanks!
Hi!  New here... well, in this forum anyway.    We are TTCing our third after 2 healthy babies followed by 2 miscarriages.  I was really hoping this time around would be like when we conceived the first two... homerun on the first try!  But my temps took a dive today, and I'm miserable and crampy, so I'm waiting for AF to show up today or tomorrow.  Boo     However, I just found out yesterday that my iron is WAY low, so maybe it'd be a good idea to get that on...
Curious as to what others do with temps if you've had a hard time sleeping.    I get up fairly consistently around 7-7:30.  Though anything from 6-8 doesn't really seem to jump out on my chart as out of whack, so I'm not usually concerned about time.  Of course, this month we are TTCing and I'm obsessing, so I'll ask   I had a wicked time going to sleep last night... tossing, turning; too hot, too cold; bed, couch, bed again... so I think I fell asleep around...
I would say your longer LP might be a little of both the NPC and the weaning.   I've used NPC in months we TTC and have seen longer LPs those months.  Generally, I use it starting 3DPO and continue for 10 days, test to be sure there isn't a BFP, and then discontinue. 
Hmm... I didn't know much about costs of competition. There is a recreational group with locations in North Raleigh and Cary that I just found out about. Probably worth checking out: http://www.rincegohalainn.com/
Inis Cairde is in Raleigh (www.iniscairde.com) and they were recommended to me by a mom on another board. My DD is 4 and we just enrolled her in Graceful Expressions in Cary (www.gracefuldance.com) for an intro to ballet.
We're moving to NC from PA in a couple of months and are looking for a place to rent. We'd prefer townhouse style, 3 bedrooms, but will also consider an apartment. Does anyone from the Triangle have suggestions for nice, quiet, safe rental communities? DH will be working near NCSU, but a half hour or so commute wouldn't be bad if it meant the right community at the right price. Thanks!
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