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And yes, I left wondering....what the hell is a "great" circ?
Oh I totally brought it on myself.:)  And kind of knew I would when I brought it up.  I was mostly curious her stance.  And we have worked together long enough that I knew if I said "we are not circing" she would let it go and never say anything buy a-okay.   But I kind of wanted to know how that convo goes with Drs here, if that makes sense?    The convo that followed was her just saying she has never seen a complication from not circing, baby would be fine, just don't...
About this time, with each pregnancy, I start feeling the pressure....need to get some food frozen, get the older 3 kids' clothes that don't fit boxed up, clean out closets to make room for baby stuff, declutter certain areas, make a to do list for hubby, make sure I get oil changed in car around week 34 wk, etc, etc.   I am working on my Master To Do list....what is on yours? 
I brought it up with our ped and was a little bummed by the discussion.  I really like our ped....while she is very conservative, she also is very respectful of our decisions.  She firmly believes in vaxing, but firmly supports our decisions to delay/selectively vax, etc.  I asked her if there was a medical benefit to circing, she said no. I was thinking great.  I said, good, because we are thinking we will not circ this baby if it a boy.  I told her we just could not...
THank you all.  We are going to do the neuro consult/sleep study as a next step.   Thing1Thing2....how are things going for you guys?
The "if I can't see it, it won't hurt me" mentality is done a lot in parenting.  All I had to do was describe (and not even in detail) the simple was a circ is done, to DH, and he couldn't even LISTEN to me anymore.  He cut me off and said "stop, my penis hurts" lol.  He, as a man, could not imagine doing that to another male.  And he is a pretty mainstream, conservative, go with the norm, trust the Dr kind of guy.  He was like...what if they slip???
It is true.  My kids have some health issues and my 19 month old has been under general anesthesia 5x in her life, my 4 yr old under general anesthesia 3x in the last year (including a broken arm involving metal rods that then were pulled out with pliers while awake), and a 12 yr old with a decently major surgery last Christmas.  Let me tell you, I swear that knowing there are things that have to be done to kids we cannot prevent, why on earth would I chose to cause pain...
I wish they were like cabbage patch dolls and came out with a name tag assigned.
...I decided to watch a circ video just to confirm to myself my decision to not circ is set.  And I could not even bring myself to look at the video. I couldn't even click on it.  I still haven't watched it.  I guess that pretty much cements it for me.  Self-realization is a great thing. :)
We have 3 girls and are pregnant with #4, don't know the sex.  We have found out with the other 3, so we never made it far down the circ road discussion.  We live in a decently small Kansas town, so our circ rate here, last I dug, was still 85%-ish.  DH is circ-ed.  In the back of my head, without any real research, I always kind of thought I wouldn't if I had a boy.  This was based on no other knowledge that cutting or sticking needles or anything on my new baby is not...
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