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Wanted to add in a couple finds.... Old Navy.com had a few cute $10 nursing tanks that I really liked.  And Gap.com also had a surprisingly good and cheap variety.
Mine moves depending on baby....sometimes anterior and sometimes posterior. I am not super cervix savvy, but decently.  I am about a finger tip dilated, super soft and squishy.   Can you other mamas help me here...mine feels almost horizontal....or like it is squished. I can't describe it. But more like a small pair of lips vs uniform in diameter.  Does that make sense? It that common?
What is it doing these day? :) Just curious.
With my first and second I measured small, and U/S at 20 wks showed a small baby.  I had another u/s at 37 wks to see if they flipped (both, ironically, were breech until the very end) and was told both times I would be lucky to have a 6 or 7 lb baby, based on u/s.  They came at 41 and 39 weeks and were 8lb2 and 8lb9.  If you are eating well, and everything else is on trackm I would try not to worry!!
What i have been living on lately, to avoid heartburn:   Mx 4 tbsp ground flax seeds, 3 egg whites, 1/2 scoop whey protein, 1/2 tsp baking soda, 1/4 c old fashioned oats, and 1/4 c canned pumpkin.....blend up or stir well, I add pumpkin pie spice and stevia, then make into pancakes.  I top with a little natural peanut butter.  I am seriously eating this for 3-4 of the 7-8 mini-meals a day I am eating. 
Rational Me know calming it down would be the cautious thing to do.  I struggle to be still though...professionally I personal train for a living, and exercise is not only my hobby, but right now it is also my sanity, keeps my back and hips from hurting, etc.  If I Knew something was off I would totally, of course, cut back to whatever I needed to in order to make sure baby made a safe, well cooked arrival.  But I feel like I would like a once over from my Dr to tell me...
I have felt this way from the start...is that normal pregnancy weirdness or intuition (which I generally have very little of, lol).    I am due end of April, so am only 29 weeks.  Baby 1 was uneventful and came at 41w 3d (8lb, 2oz)....Baby 2 came pretty much eventfully at 38w 6d (8lb, 9oz),.....Baby 3 came at 38w 2d (8lb, 7oz) totally uneventfully.    All pregnancies have been completely uneventful. I have ran, jumped, weight lifted, boxed, until the end of each,...
If I am GBS+ I won't decline...mainly due to lack of fight. :)  My only kicker is being allergic to the abx they usually give, so my alternative abx have to be given 8 hr apart. Which, well, frankly is not likely to happen. Which then leads to them saying baby needs to stay at least 48 hrs, etc.  We are lucky we are dear friends with our ped who, with our 2nd, just signed us out at 24 hr and said she would swing by the next day at 48 hr and make sure DD2 was fine.     
Dont give me too much credit. The working out is 90% vanity driven and rest is sheer fear of falling over from fatigue in labor, lol.
This is my fourth and I have tweaked things each time.  I'm seeing chiro weekly now and may up to twice a week around the 34 week mark.  I drink a daily infusion of RRL, nettle, alfalfa and oat straw tea. Taking prenatal plus extra cal/mag, D, C, CLO and iron. Daily probiotic which I will double up on, and add in some GSE, garlic and echinacea the week or two before my GBS test. Was + with first two kids then did this regime and was negative last time.  I'm still working...
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