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I hate to say it, but yes, kids are noisy. There is a scale, I'm sure, basic noisy to crazy noisy. But I can relate to the sensitive to noise mom type. That is me for sure. The bigger they get the louder and crazier they get. But the good news is it's a gradual process. You will adjust, we all do.
This may be a little off topic, but here goes. When my mom was 40 and I was 20, she told me that at that point in her life she was finally learning to be confident and secure in herself. Then when she turned 50 she told me that she was happier now that she had ever been. She worried less and was sad looking back that she spent so much time worrying about what others think. At 55, guess what? My mom again spoke of the same thing.   I guess my point is, I think this is...
I have a Dyson upright and I hate to say it but I'm selling it as soon as I can and switching back to a canister. It works great on very thick rugs, but for my thinner LR area rug and my hardwood floors it stinks. I can see why people love it, it has great suction. But my home is all hardwood floors and it is a huge pain to use on them. The canister Dyson I have read complaints that the hose is too short, so I will be buying another brand, maybe a Miele.
Dh and I have fallen into a slump and have been yelling at the kids when they fight. Just like a "knock it off now" shut down. I know this is not helping their relationship. The last week or so I have been working so hard to go to where they are, get eye contact from both, and diffuse the situation. These phrases will be very useful, thank you!
I just saw the honeymoon episode last night. I keep watching the shows, but always feel a little, icky(?) afterward. I'm not sure how to explain it. I feel sad, or anxious for the wives. I don't like to see all their sadness.
Thanksgiving was good here. I hosted, but it was a small bunch this year, just 3 guests and us. Then after dinner we went and visited DH's family then stopped bye some of my extended family. We went visiting a little later so there were not as many people there, so that was nice.   Xantho, a friend taught me to knit years ago, I started on small dish cloths.   http://majorknitter.typepad.com/photos/patterns/dishrag_and_magazine_photo.html   Then after a while...
Wow! That is so cool!   My first thought was "Holy blanket Batman!" then I realized I was mixing up my super heros.
62 during the day, and 50 at night. It's always been this way, even when the kids were babies. They don't care,  hot blooded kids gave it made.   But maybe once a week I crank it to 70 for a bit, just to feel toasty.   We are in New England.
We did this a few years ago when we bought out current house. We planned to remodel the kitchen after a few years and painting them was a temporary fix for the ugly cabinets the house came with. Dh did a coat of Bin or something like that, and then a coat of regular latex. They came out great and held up wonderfully. He took off the doors and nobs, painted the frames and doors, then put it all back together.
I store mine in a couple make up cases, you know the kind you get for free with purchase. Many moons ago I worked and actually purchased make-up at Macy's and such. Now I am putting them to good use. They are zip top pouch style. I store my knitpics Options in a case with some extras. My smaller size fixed circs I keep in the original package for size info and all together in a cute make-up bag. As for dp and straights, I don't use them much, so I keep them in a mason...
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