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Another Knitpicks Options lover here! I purchased some of their fixed circs in sizes 0,1, and 2 for socks. Love them!
Nice looking heel, good job!
I usually have a few projects going at one time. An easy one to take on the go, and a few harder ones at home. I finally designated a basket for all wip's (work in progress) and I keep the knitting and pattern in there. I now have 2 baskets, one upstairs and one down. This had made things much easier.   On a side note, I finally got a binder, sheet protectors, and some dividers to organize all the papers and patters I have lying around. I love it! No more rummaging...
Knitting, love it! I have tried to learn crochet a few times but the wrist twisting always bugs me. I am currently obsessed with knitting socks, I'm on my 5th pair this year.   I started about 6 years ago. A friend showed my how to make a small cotton dishcloth. I did that for a while then moved up to scarfs. Then a cabled scarf, I made a few of those then tried a hat. I loved making hats and did that for a long time. Then last year I tried a sock, and now I'm...
I thought the same thing.   Any update? What did the teacher say?
   This is what we do!  
Sorry mama, but I busted out laughing when I got to this point. It does bring back memories though. We moved in our current house in August 06, by November we had repaired the leaking roof, relined the chimney, installed a hot water heater and replaced a cracked boiler. All of these were surprises, and not fun.   Glad to hear your update, sounds like things are good, for now (fingers crossed?).   By the way our doorbell is still broken.
I have a pizza stone and tried it for cookies once and did not like it. I got some aluminum sheets at the thrift store and use those with partchment paper. Eventually I would like to get some stainless steel cookie sheets.
You are going through so much right now. Most of the hard stuff is completely out of your control. When this happens to me it helps to remind myself that I am not in control. I am on a path that I must walk through, all I can do is walk the path. One day at a time mama. It will do you no good to worry about the future. You are getting so far ahead of yourself, your mind is running like crazy and you need to try and stop it. It is only hurting you.   I love Byron...
Good vibes coming your way.
New Posts  All Forums: