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This happened to me a few years ago. It was my last molar on the bottom. I went in and they polished down the sharp edge, but it needed a crown to fix it and I didn't have the money at the time. I debated just pulling it for a few years. Then just this year I went a head and had a crown done. But for 2-3 years it just stayed broken.
  I thought the same thing! Why does everyone think this is so great? That and Stainguard on furniture, I always hated that. My MIL is always having her furniture treated, yuck!
I always used free and clear but thought I would try the homemade and see how it went. I had no problem at all. I use the basic recipe with the fells naptha. The soap had a scent in the bottle, and when I add it to the washer. But the clothes never smell like it. They just smell clean and scent free. And no skin issues at all.
Wow, things sure do change fast. Just a few years ago no one mentioned a pre-sealed granite that did not need yearly sealing.   Also you asked about laminate, I believe that off gasses the most. Just like a pressed wood cabinet off gasses more that solid wood.. I think it is like a plywood or pressed board under the laminate.
I don't know about the pulpectomy, but ds had an abscessed molar and they insisted on antibiotics. They told me the Novocaine would not work if the roots were surrounded by infection, the infection would cushion or block the meds. But I only needed to keep him on the antibiotics until the procedure, then discontinue, and the infection would just drain out after they pulled the tooth.   Does that help at all?
I feel for you! I went through this a few years ago and ended up with quartz. But I never heard of Radon in granite, yikes! Radon scares me. But if you seal it regularly would that stop it?   I really wanted the white carrara marble, but the staining and sealing seemed like too much for me. We ended up with a look-alike from CeasarStone.   I will say I love the CeasarStone, heat proof, cut proof, stain proof, no sealing treatments, love it.   I also considered a...
I have just started having these urges the last year or so. I thought I would never take on another job, but now I think I might. Something low pressure where I can get a employee discount.   It's just so darn loud around here! And with homeschooling they are here a lot! I am starting to really see the benefit of taking on a small job.
New gas stoves have a spark, or electric start (not sure of the name). When you turn the knob you hear a clicking, that is the spark that lights the burner.  
I remember thinking it was freaky when I moved into my first apartment with a gas parlor heater with a standing pilot light. Then we had the really old match light gas stove. Now that was a little dangerous.   I live in an area with tons of 100 years old 3 deckers and many have pilot light heaters and stoves. I have never heard of a problem. But as far as actual facts, I don't have any.
I asked Dh to wait until our youngest was 2, but I tend to be a catastrophic thinker, if you know what I mean.   As far as recovery, DH spent a day in bed then we went to the beach for a few days. He was fine, he did wear a cup for a week or so, to protect himself when the little ones jumped on him. The only thing is he could not lift anything. It's a favorite memory of his. "Hon, remember when we went on vacation and you had to carry all the bags, and lug all the...
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