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Good luck tomorrow. I'm sure you will do great!
I am always skeptical of information that says it's cheaper to maintain the temp that to heat up a house. We set our heat at 62-65 during the day and drop it to 50 around 8pm. it stays there until around 10am the next day. It takes about an hour to heat the house up in the morning. But for the 14 hours it is down it does not run once. It would be very hard to convince me it would be cheaper to have it running on and off all night. But I hate sleeping in a warm room, so...
Also, mold can cause breathing issues. Just a thought. Good luck.
Thanks for the ideas. I also need a new rug soon.
My younger brother (13 years younger) developed severe asthma as a child. We had a cat, my cat, and my mom did not have the heart to make me get rid of it. It was a constant struggle for her and my brother, hospital visits, nebulizer (sp?) treatments. Dealing with a child with asthma can be very scary!  Years later I moved out and took my cat with me. Over the next few months, as the cat effect faded, my brother and dad could then breath and smell again.   I guess my...
Never. And most of them are from when my brothers were kids. Those are some old Lego's! Occasionally we clean out the dust at the bottom of the bucket.
Looks great, love the shelves over the stove. And the ceiling is beautiful.   We also have a foursquare, love them!
I found her blog years ago and have always enjoyed it. I am loving all the house posts! The future barn studio will be amazing! ( green with envy smiley!)
I do have a few boxes of other size clothes in the attic. But I try to only hold on to the ones love.
Sometimes I fold right out of the dryer. That does make it easier to put away quickly. But for whites or loads with lots of sorting, I will put it in a basket and dump it on my bed. It forces me to sort and put away before I go to bed. If I leave it in the basket, or dump it else were it will sit for days.
New Posts  All Forums: