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Daily, but I only track on Fridays.
It won't let you post in all caps. So if the smiley is only caps, you need to put some nice non-yelling letters in there.
I use a cast iron dutch oven from IKEA. I make the no-knead bread from NY Times. Google for recipe.
The Children and Glimpses of the Moon, both by Edith Wharton.
I would find the money to pay to terminate his rights. Otherwise, you will be dealing with this for the next 25 years. Yeah, maybe he *should* pay and maybe it's not fair and maybe he's a big jerk, etc, etc, but really, you are the one who will be free by having this done.
I was hiking the other day and was thinking how thankful I was that my parents took us hiking from the time the littlest could walk well. What a lovely gift you are giving your daughter!
thick black frames with white mattes.
I do either the gentle hatha yoga or lunar flow yoga from yogadownload.com . the 20 minute (really more like 27) sessions are free. they really relax me before bed.
When I took swimming lessons, we practiced putting our face in the water with a big tupperware/dishpan thing. They put water in it, put a plastic gumby type doll on the bottom and we had to grab it with out mouth. Worked for us, although now when I swim I prefer to have my head out of the water.
did it say you'd put on 4 pounds since your last visit? when was that ? since you last weighed yourself? on your own scale? what time of day was the visit? your weight can fluctuate widely on any given day or week. just use your own scale. if you go to the drs tell them you prefer not to be weighed and just tell them your weight.
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