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I'm in the boat with the age cut-off for K as well.  The cut off here is Oct 1, and my ds' birthday is Oct 22.  I began homeschooling my dd 2 years ago when she was 5 and my ds was 3.  We did the "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 easy Lessons" (which I LOVE!) .  DD caught right on, but to my amazement so did my son.  I'd let him set in on her lessons because it made him feel like a "big boy", but when he started reading right along with her, I decided begin working...
5 years, 3 months with 2 kids - the second just weaned at 3 years, 2 weeks in October.
OMGosh, this thread makes me feel so much better that others know what I'm going through.... WHY MUST YOU START FIGHTING THE MINUTE I LEAVE THE ROOM??!? HOW CAN YOU BE SITTING PEACEFULLY ON SEPARATE COUCHES AND THEN BE FIGHTING 5 SECONDS LATER??? Anne I KNOW you do things to piss off your brother, I just never catch you. If you don't stop WHINING CONSTANTLY I'm going to fricking go nuts! I said to get out of the bathtub an hour ago - GET OUT OF THE TUB!! No, I'm NOT...
My dd was writing her name, Anne, in all caps at about 3 - I can't remember exactly. My ds, who will be 3 next week, has been sitting in my dd's homeschool phonics lessons for a few months and began writing his name, Orion, about 3 months ago. He starts with a capital 'O' and the rest are lower case. He's forever wanting me to let him type his name if I'm on the computer writing an email.
I received one of those from IL after the homebirth of my ds. It had a handy little pocket vax schedule too .
I guess I have a little bit different experience with nursing to sleep... My dd (now 4) absolutely could not go to sleep w/out nursing to sleep. It also took her forever to nurse (like 45 min). I couldn't remove my boob from her mouth unless she was sound asleep or she'd start all over again. She was always very attatched to nursing and I would have never believed that she would ever wean herself (but she did at 3 1/2 years). When my sanity was on the edge of...
Just wanted to say - you're ds sounds just like my ds. He never could stand to be confined! You should check out thebabywearer for some good deals on carriers
Maybe you could use a taller SSC? My ds tries to throw himself backwards, and bounces, and "dances" in his carrier so I use a taller carrier that he can't escape from.
Baby acne can definately get worse when the baby gets sweaty, you might try wrapping her with her shirt off while you're at home.
Hugs mama...Nursing while pregnant was probably the hardest thing I've ever done (much harder than childbirth!). The feelings of a child nursing when I have no milk just made me want to crawl up the wall. The only way my dd and I could get through it with my sanity and her still having "na-na's" was to let her nurse and count to 5. She'd want to nurse and I'd say "Ok, 5 seconds." This worked great for her, although I could see it not working with a child that was like...
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