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Quote: Originally Posted by Toposlonoshlep Yep. This. We spent no time childproofing our own house, but instead spent time playing with our son and never leaving him alone. As a result he has learned what is safe and what isn't. If I tell him he might get hurt somewhere, he will retreat, because he understands that being hurt is no fun. I don't scare him away from anything, just explain to him in detail that hot things burn, sharp things cut, and heavy...
we have a maclaren triumph, it fits in the trunk of my vw rabbit with room to spare.
I get a lot of surprised looks when people find out ds doesn't know the things that they expect him to. he'll stare at their hand when they try to get him to give 5 (we have been working on this because it makes grandpa ). I don't have a lot of experience with young children so I don't know a lot of the games that are commonly played. he totally does the waving after everyone has left I think it's hilarious!
get a thermometer for your fridge. it might not be cold enough
Quote: Originally Posted by blumooned I just googled tomato powder & see that it does exist for the home cook. I'll just have to see if another store here carries it or maybe order online. I'm still looking for input, though!! use tomato sauce or a tomato boullion cube I just use a can of tomato sauce in with the water (and onion, garlic, etc)
I just want to share my experience with the copper iud. I had one inserted at ~8w PP after a c/s. my period returned around 10.5m PP. so far I've had what I suspect were two instances of anovulatory bleeding and two real periods (I am charting cm and o-pain but not temps, and obviously not for bc just for my own info). my period is not any heavier or crampier than it was prebaby. it may actually be less crampier. I only have one heavy day, and it's super tampon not...
if you're worried, calling the ped for reassurance is ok. the dr sears website has some general guidelines
Quote: Originally Posted by elmh23 OP, go to the pharmacy and ask for a children's med syringe. They make giving the meds so much easier (I still use it when my 5 year old needs meds.) And they only hold 5mls (which I recall as being 1tsp, but don't take my word for it on that) so there is a less likely chance of over dosing. and they're usually free the next time you're somewhere with a pharmacy, ask for one.
well it looks like we will be taking him with us. there was a death in smil's family and the funeral is at the same time I don't feel comfortable asking anyone else to watch ds because of his food allergies (we're still getting used to the ourselves) thanks for the info lkmiscnet. I think he'll be ok in the stroller. I have some 'fresh' toys to bring out to hold his interest
I'm so nervous dh and I are closing on a house this week and it isn't possible for us to take ds (almost 13 mo) with us. I wouldn't be able to sign a million papers with him grabbing everything in sight. I have only ever left him with dh, and only for two hours max. no one besides me or dh has ever changed his diaper. my smil is going to come to our house to watch ds. he loves her and she really takes his food allergies seriously. I trust her not to just let him cry, and...
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