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I've found that I have to give really explicit instructions to get my three year old to clean up. I have to say "put the brown teddy bear in the basket." It takes forever (and does work), but if I just say "clean up your toys" he gets overwhelmed.
http://www.lewrockwell.com/miller/miller15.html here's a link for the OP
Quote: Originally Posted by Science Mom The correlates of protection for a recipient of the Hep B series has a duration of over 20 years. SM So if you really wanted to protect your kids (assuming you believe the Hep B vax works), why wouldn't you wait until they're older? Like 10?
Pumping tip - nurse on one side only at night, and pump the other side in the morning. That works really well for us, and I don't have the whole side-switching thing going on. My supply balanced out just fine. Hugs to you about the no-sleep. My guy is 11 mo, and if it was just nursing in the night, I'd be good, but he crawls all over my head, falls asleep across me, picks at me with his hand. Some nights I feel pretty nuts.
I think you did perfectly. On the embarrassment front - I pretend like no-one else is there. If they don't get that children have tantrums - screw 'em. My DC's need me, and they get me.
hugs mama - that's crazy!
Quote: the whole time and wants dh to hold her. He should hold her so she learns to trust him. My DS2 is very attached to me. I'm a single mama and sometimes I need to leave him (to work, to have time to myself, counselling etc.) The first time I left him with his auntie, he cried for a bit and then refused to be put down. She carried him for the whole 3 hours. The second time, she was able to put him down for an hour. The third time, he...
I got married on a Monday at 3 pm (the date was very important to me, and I wasn't waiting for another 6 years for it to fall on a Saturday.) I figured if people loved me enough, they would cut work to be with me. And if they didn't, I didn't really want them there to celebrate my marriage. And as a cost factor, most wedding related things are way cheaper on an off day. Like half, or more.
You walk through it. It is totally normal (and even healthy) to be sad with a divorce. It is the official end of a lot of dreams, hopes, desires. Of course you're sad. I knew a woman who serial dated, and she said the one type of man she would not get involved with was a separated man. She said it didn't matter if they'd be separated for 1 year or 10. The day the divorce papers came in, they went a little crazy. Let yourself be sad, wallow in it for a while...
Quote: Originally Posted by BamaDude Colin Farrell did (in no uncertain and rather colorful terms, no less) and it certainly hasn't hurt his career. *Warning- Coarse Language* http://www.circumstitions.com/Famous5-farrell.html I knew there was more than one reason I wanted to sleep with Colin Farrell
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