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Congrats mama!  Time sure flies.  Many say teens are so hard or awful, but I've found the last year + to be pretty neat.  They are so grown up in some ways, so young still in others.  
I've known about how highly processed agave nectar is for years.  It's amazing to me that people still think it's better for you than sugar, honey, etc... That people think it's good for you at all.  You make a good point about not blindly following the latest food fad.  Do some research and listen to your body.  Thanks for posting this!
I'm glad to hear that her excitement is up and her anxiety is down!  I hope she has a wonderful year.
What about adding some sausage or bacon along with his breakfast for protein?     If he's willing to try new things, would he try nuts in a mix with other things he likes?  Say a trail mix with nuts, dried fruit and some chocolate chips.  Not too unhealthy and the bonus would be more protein for him and a little sugar to boost him through the afternoon.     It sounds like he doesn't eat that much to me.  If he does manual labor, he's expending a lot of calories...
If your child has an elective, and hasn't chosen it yet, I strongly suggest she chooses a study hall for the first semester.  Having time in the school day to work on homework, or even get things organized or just relax and turn off her brain, is really helpful for a 6th grader.  At least here, 6th grade is the first year with multiple teachers and subjects.  It can be overwhelming for many kids.  She'll have many other semesters to take a "fun" elective.  Having a study...
My 11 yr old has similar sleep issues.  She is fairly anxious and it seems that many "issues" flood her brain when she finally lays down to go to sleep.  They don't bother her so much during the day, but night time, sleep time, is when she is ready to really process them in her mind and needs to talk to me about them.  Usually it's 10-30 min after she's gone to bed.  She lays in bed and can't sleep b/c her mind is whirling with thoughts and questions and needs.  I...
I know the lying really bothers you, which it should.  However, have you assessed what you are asking of your ds and if it's reasonable?  Chores are important but some kids really struggle to do them, so maybe you're asking him to do too much?  I have two kids, and my 11 yr old is completely spacey about chores.  It's not that she won't do them, she forgets or goes to do them and only half does them b/c her mind wanders off and she doesn't finish.  It's truly not...
My kids only like cabbage one way.  We saute onions till almost golden then add chopped cabbage and cook both together until the cabbage is soft.  Serve it over cheese ravioli and top the whole dish with parmesan cheese. My older dd learned this recipe in a class and made it for us at home and we all enjoy it.     Dh and I like shredded cabbage in tacos. 
hummus and cheese sandwich edamame grapes, cherries, apple, melon yogurt or a yogurt tube  carrots, snap peas baked or plain tofu a veggie burrito: add warm beans, cheese and avocado (and anything else you want) to a warm tortilla.  wrap the burrito in aluminum foil.  it will cool by lunchtime but the tortilla will be soft.  my kids liked to eat these.  nuts if allowed
I think that combo would be fine.  I usually add whatever veggies I have in the frig.  I saute onion or leek, some garlic if I feel like it.  I've added broccoli, green beans, spinach, carrots, squash, mushrooms and cauliflower (not all together) the various times I've made it and all have been fine.  The polenta crust is nice b/c it doesn't get soggy like a wheat crust does, so I think it can tolerate wetter items.  
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