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Have you spoken to your commander or chaplain?  There are emergency funds available to help soldiers and their families in situations like these.
I haven't found a moisturizer w/ SPF that doesn't break me out, so I do them separately.  I've moisturize with http://www.target.com/p/Garnier-Refreshing-Gel-Cream/-/A-12758696#?lnk=sc_qi_detaillink.  Just about every sunscreen breaks me out, but Neutrogena just came out with this http://www.drugstore.com/neutrogena-clear-face-sunblock-lotion-spf-30/qxp328502?catid=184134  and after a week's use, I haven't boken out! 
Free for shipping.  Meow Cosmetics mineral foundation in Pampered Puss formula, shade 3-Naughty Angora.  This is the 30 gram full size jar.  It was a freebie that came with my order, but it's not my shade at all.  It is still sealed.  PM me if  interested.    
We're military and no commissary that I've ever used in the States( Army or Air Force) accepts expired coupons.  I'm pretty sure that only ones outside the US do that.
I totally get it.  My first was the worst sleep ever.  I look back at some of his old sleep logs and some nights he was waking up every fifteen minutes!  Add to that traumatic childbirth, my loooong recovery and my having no help at all, and I was soooo exhausted.  I never really enjoyed his first few years because all I could think about was sleep.  My best friend's baby slept throught the night at TEN WEEKS!!!  She had sooo much energy and had so much fun with her...
Never opened, still sealed.  I have two large (5.5g) containers of Sandy Fair foundation base.  One is matte, the other is intensive coverage.     I also have one large (5.5g) container of Intensive Fair concealer. Never opened, still sealed.   Free for shipping.  PM me if interested.  Thanks!
Well, if you want to follow proper etiquette, gifts should not be mentioned at all on an invitation because that would be considered rude.  If guests ask you what kind of gift your mother would like, then you can make suggestions. 
Vinegar and a pumice stone works well for me.
I remember seeing one a few years ago at Macy's that was not a traditional sofa bed with the uncomfortable bar in your back.  This one had a thick mattress that was made of memory foam, I believe, and it was soooooo comfortable.  I do remember it was a little pricey, but if I was going to be sleeping on it every night, I would want something like that.  Maybe you could get a memory foam topper to put on a less expensive sofa bed.
I was telling a woman I hardly know that my children are horrible sleepers (thus why I'm tired all the time) and she informed me that after having five children she could tell me whithout a doubt that 80% of all "problems" our children display are a result of bad parenting.
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