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Have you ever called 911? why? Um...so what do you do when there is a small snake loose in your house?
At Your Cervix I started to type out a big long list, but then realized that the above blog (one of my favorites) has all of my faves and more on her blogroll. Also, look at Midwifery Today and Science & Sensibility for great information.
I'm thrilled! Even though I think Kent is ridiculously talented, so are both Robert and Lauryn and they are both more mature/well-rounded in their dancing. I knew Robert wouldn't win, but was hoping people would at least be able to recognize how amazing Lauryn is. She dances with depth, power, presence and maturity beyond her years. : Plus, it's kinda nice that the tweens were out-voted for once. :
I know! I was laughing as her hair kept getting a little wilder after each commercial. That's what MY hair would do, but she should have stylists backstage to help her out. Then again, as much as I love Cat as a hostess, her style-sense is definitely more entertaining than enlightening. Loved last night's show. Loved all but 2 of the dances. Travis Wahl could choreograph a duet for a doorknob and a bumper sticker and it would still look fantabulawesome. Wish I...
Oh, oh! Can I play? Ok, here: Dearest DH, whom I really, really love, Flush the toilet. Seriously. I know it's "just pee", but after it has sat in there for several hours it stinks up the bathroom and stains the bowl. It's also nastay. I am sorely tempted to dip some out and pour it on your head next time I find it. Really - just flush! Love, your patient wife.
Me too! Just got back and it was great! Haven't had a new style in literally years, so I feel great. The hand, arm, neck and head massage didn't hurt either.
Just keep loving and supporting him like you are. It's so awesome that your own family has adopted him to love and support too! One of my best friends could have probably written your post, and the love her family has shown her DH has done wonders for his confidence! For instance, he graduated with his MBA & BA at the same time in only 3 years. His family hardly noticed, while hers made a HUGE celebration of it. Later when his family was visiting, his MOTHER said,...
One of my friends is now 31 weeks with triplets: 2 identical, 1 fraternal. They found 2 on the 8 week US, then the third at 12 weeks (maybe? or 14 weeks, don't remember). Naturally conceived. No fertility treatments or meds.
"Ask Gary" Can't stand these commercials. They occasionally switch out the actors, but the $5 budget, terrible grammar and pronunciation, and general awfulness never change.
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