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My family is very supportive (but far away), so they knew, and my IL's knew too (and in retrospect, I wish we hadn't told them, but they kept insisting on coming to watch the older kids while I "was in the hospital."). Once we told them, MIL kept asking the stupidest questions, as if midwives don't provide any prenatal care. : I just kept answering her ridiculous queries but was pretty annoyed. Sooo, all that to say that I wouldn't tell them again if I had the chance, just...
I can totally understand the feelings of impatience. I started having early contractions mixed with strong BH at around 34 weeks. I kept thinking "I'll be early" and was so relieved when at 36 weeks I got the "all clear" from my MWs. Just when I had started to relax and not worry about the timing, my water broke at 37w, 3d. The way I "let go" was to concentrate on my older two kids -- mostly my daughter, since she's only in preschool two mornings a week, while my son is in...
My friend made a unisex outfit for me, so we did put it on after a long while, right before the MW and birth assistant left. Here's a pic of it. It's hard to tell, but it was khaki with a little animal print on it. It was lovingly made for our baby, so it felt right to make it his "first outfit."
Thanks to all of you for allowing this lurker to feel confident about my first HB (my first two were BC babies). It was an amazing, empowering experience, and I know reading this forum (and all the beautiful hb stories) was a real inspiration. My son, Jonah Thomas, was born at 10:32AM on Thursday, March 13. It was a completely intervention free birth, with my wonderful birth team (midwife and birth assistant/doula arriving 30 and 15 minutes before he arrived). Jonah's...
Just had baby #3, so I can answer this question! #1 (DS): 36w, 1d #2 (DD): 39w, 1d #3 (DS): 37w, 3d
Hi Jenna! I thought it was supposed to be a surprise, but it's from me! I figured you could get what you wanted, and I love Colleen from NaturalBabies; she's so sweet!
Clynnr: Many, many thanks, Chelsea, for the cutey-pie Old Navy sweater cardigan and socks. I know my baby girl will get a lot of use out of both items when she arrives this fall! Also, I love the candle and will think of you while I labor in my home! Best, Sandie
Sorry to ask a silly question, but are we supposed to open our gifts right away or wait until a specific day to open them? I have a box that says MDC Nov. 2004 Shower on it, but I haven't opened it yet. Also, I sent my gift straight from an e-tailer, but I will send the candle separately.
Me too! One time it was so horrible that when I woke up, I walked with a limp. My DH wakes up and massages my cramp, but sometimes I get another one the minute I put my leg back down on the bed. It's so awful and exruciating. I'm glad to read about the Calcium. I'm going to start drinking a lot of skim milk and taking a supplement if necessary.
I'm 28 weeks, 5 days. This is my second child, so I'm just going over the notes from my first childbirth prep class and practicing some of the breathing/relaxation techniques and pain-easing positions (some require my DH's help). I also plan to do perineal massage starting at 33-34 weeks, but otherwise, no official class this time around.
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