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Last week I got a pair Hanna Andersson red sweatpants, with the tags still on for $2! One of my favorite thrifts of all times is a Knit Pro wood interchangeable deluxe knitting kit, all brand new. It costs about $85 online and I got it for $10!
Thank you for posting about this and all of the replies! I have to say that I am still a little confused. I have had my 5 year old in a backless booster as soon as she hit 40lbs (beause I thought that is what I was supposed to do). She also is very petite and now that I am researching I am confused on if she needs a 5 point harness or high back booster? She is now 42 lbs and 45 inches (and will be 6 in Sept). I'm not sure what helps determine between needing the 5...
Upcycled bell bottom styled pants, so cute and funky!!
In the last year when I eat walnuts I have found  that they make my mouth feel fuzzy (almost like I have hair or cotton in it) and my tongue tingles. I didn't think much of it, and just avoided eating walnuts when they were obvious. This past weekend I was at a get together and had a piece of brie that had brown sugar and Pecans on it. Within 5 minutes my lips felt huge, but they really weren't, it was just the sensation. My tongue also tingled and my lips felt like they...
Love it! http://pinterest.com/bwalz/waldorf/  
I just bought the bench a few days ago! Once I saw it onsale I had to get it. Though I must admit it's probably more for me than the kids!
Yes, it is true that I did have that option. I just had so many thoughts going through my head when trying to make the decision, that I suppose that is how it felt.  At the facility I worked before this, there was no option other than losing your job. I feel for those having to make these difficult decisions when there are no other options.   My arm aches terribly today, espeically in the joints.
Just wanted to update that I did end up getting the flu shot. I completely disagree with the policy though. Had I not gotten it I would have had to wear an "indicator" on my badge so people would know and wear a mask all of the time through March/April. I feel a little diappointed in myself, but had to weigh lots of things (like keeping my job so my kids can stay in Waldorf school) and decided this was the best decision for my family. At least it was me and not the my...
I am in the same boat and don't know what to do either. My daughter poked her knee on a screw sticking out of our neighbors play structure. It was up high in the play area of the structure, no where near the ground. I'm not sure if this lessens the chances of it containing Tetanus? It's very small and only beld a couple a couple of drops. I cleaned it and put a bandaid over it and have just kept an eye on it. Ugh, the perils of being a non-vaccinating parent.
    When I began my work as a nurse, I didn't think twice about vaccines. But two kids and one vax reaction later and now it's a whole different world to me.
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