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 At our facility they do allow Medical exemptions. You have to have all of the allergy/reaction paperwork filled out by your MD.
Ugh....to work in a hospital and disagree with their mandatory flu vaccination policy.   I have gotten a religous exemption for the past 2 years, but they are making it very, very difficult to do so this year. And honestly not sure I could wear a mask all day, every day.   Are there other's in this position? What have you done? Do you put up with mask Nov-April or do you get the shot to make you work life easier?
Just ordered Taproot yesterday!!!
I tend to give my kiddos waldorf style catalogs to look at (nova natural, rosie hippo). They are 4 and 7 and this keeps them happy.  They are not reading yet, so this works for now :)   But I would love to see what other options there are our there!
Heaven on Earth by Sharifa Oppenheimer is wonderful.
The site "Why Waldorf Works" has lots of good information and links. http://www.whywaldorfworks.org/02_W_Education/index.asp   We started when our oldest was 2.5. Now both of our girls have been through a Waldorf nursery program and the oldest is in first grade at our local Waldorf school. For our family it is going very well! We were drawn to it because of the beauty and how it just lets kids be kids (which unfortunatley can be hard to find these days). We are...
I am definitely finding  slow is the way to go for us. It's like I have to read about these ideas, let them absorb a bit. Then I start thinking about them more and more and get tempted to try something, like soaking grains. Then I might try something once a week, like a soaked grain breakfast. Now, most eves I automatically find myself thinking about what I can soak tonight to make for a good healthy (and easy) breakfast. It's totally a journey.   Sometimes I start...
I have only gotten through page 8on this thread, so the answer may already be out there.... Is extra virgin CO just as good as VCO? I have the extra virgin and putt some on a banana, very yummy!
I am a "recovering" vegetarian as well!! Honestly, last night I ate chicken for the first time in years! It's chicken that we got locally, pastured, we know the farmers etc, so I felt ok with it. It tasted pretty darn good and I was most suprised at how quickly I felt full, on just a few bites. I typically rely waaaay to heavily on bread and cheese as my main meal. We are also getting raw milk and I plan to buy some CLO from Green pastures soon. I'm also hoping to try...
 Hoping someone can help me......   I went to the dentist in February and had a strong reaction to the local anesthetic (so I think). I was having two fillings done. This is the second time I've had this reaction and it was more severe the second time.  It was about two years in between the first time it happend and the second. I have had multiple fillings and a crowned tooth since the first incident.   So here's what happened... Shortly after receiving the...
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