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Wow, started the progesterone yesterday and boy does it make me dizzy, almost like I'm drunk! I got up at 4am this morning to take it since I didn't think it was a good idea to take it and go right to work. I get my hcg level redrawn today, so hopefully we'll see things doubling. Thanks for all the responses.
Update: talked to my midwife, they are putting me on some progesterone. She also added a quantitative level to my blood they drew yesterday and it came back at 20. So I'm having my blood redrawn tomorrow to make sure it has doubled. Keeping my fingers crossed.
Hi all! I just found out that I am joining all of you! I had a blood test yesterday that confirmed I'm pregnant and had my progesterone drawn. My level came back at 10.6, which appears to be a the lower end of normal. I'm not sure if I should talk to the midwife on call this weekend to find out if I need to be on progesterone, or if it makes any difference to wait until monday? I've had a few really early miscarriages so I'm a little nervous! Just curious what others...
Yeah! Now I'm starting to get excited! I'm a poas addict too, so once I see that initial positive I always have to go get more to double check. I have a few internet cheapies, but those are showing up neg. Waiting is the hardest thing!!!
Yesterday I was about 10dpo, not exactly sure when I o'd. I took a clear blue easy test and the little timer blinked but then nothing showed up in the results window, just totally blank. So of course I had to do the other one in the package and it said Pregnant, but now I'm not sure if I should trust it since the other one was bad. Of course I also did a couple FRER and got tinest faint lines. I did an FRER this morning and got a line that was a little darker, but...
Joining the 6+ month club...where does the time go??? showed today so it's officially been 7 months. Wishing for lots of BFP's for eveyone in the new year!
Just wondering if this is a route any of you have tried? I am supposed to start in January. It involves doing the accupuncture and herbs and following a certain diet. She also reccomends reading The Infertility Cure, about traditional chinese medicine and conception. I know a few girls from work who have tried it and got pregnant right away. I'll keep you all updated!
Feeling more self confident instead of defeated. I'm done playing his games, he wants to be miserable all by himself, he can. Should this have any chance of working out I have already said that couples counseling is a must. I have already gotten myself set up to do some counseling just for me. Thanks
Thanks for all the advice, I still don't know what's going on, I'm sure it will take time. Basically we had a big blow out fight 2 nights ago, dh has this inability to see that he does any wrong. He really likes to turn things around to be my fault. For example last night he said I make his life miserable. I said that he's not always so nice to me, he retuns with "well if your so unhappy, why don't you leave?" ughhh.... Anyway, I told him if this is to work we...
OOHHH....thanks, hugs are exactly what I need. Tongnight if I get a chance I can give more info. He's been emailing me here at work today saying terrible things about me, how wonderful....I keep responding, being very adult and acknowledging my problems. I'm not going to stoop to his level.
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