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Ughhh..I can't believe I'm even typing this. My dh and I have basically fought since before we were married, before marriage always threatening breakup, after threatening divorce. We are either really good or really bad. Things have grown worse in the last few years, from yelling, to throwing things, to now, being physically and verbally abusive to each other. We have a dd, 2,who I want to keep out of the middle. He's talking divorce, for real, and I have been...
More thanks for posting your story....the beginning is similar to what happened to my daughter and it only reaffirms my gut instinct of what really happened to her. She too had a seizures and then would laugh afterward (at 11 weeks old), was told by the neurologist it was GERD. I know now it was her 2month shots. It's very hard when the doctors say it couldn't be realted to the vaxes.
I'm out again, found me at cd 26, a little early. I've gone from 33 days to 26 now, am I getting more regular? Who knows, on the plus side my sister is getting married in July and now I don't really have to worry about being so pregnant I can't fly. I plan to be more active in charting and temping this next month instead of moping. My SIL had a baby today and I have terrible baby fever now! to all!
12 dpo for me, the wait is almost over! I took a test the last two days and bfn, I really let this get me down, thinking if I don't have a bfp by now.....but I know I need to just keep waiting. Good luck to everyone!
I was just showing a co worker these VAERS reports, since she is always talking about how great this vaccine is and how "it prevents cancer". She came up with an excuse for every reaction..."well the shots always cause pain", "nobody died" etc. Can't educate those who don't want to know the truth I guess!
Good points! I didn't realize that about philosophical exemption. I didn't get to read the replies this morning before I had to get the thing signed. Thanks!
Thanks everyone. I simply signed the decline peice and said philosophical exemption. It does say where you sign it "that at any time I can ask to get the vaccine," it also says I'm putting my patients at risk, ughh. Anyway, I was more worried that people are being scared into getting it, thats just not right.
I work as a nurse at a hospital and this year they have required us to sign a form accepting or declining the flu vaccine. If you decline you have to state a reason and have it witnessed. What's more upsetting to me is a friend of mine said that at her staff meeting, the infection control officer came in and told them if they didn't get the vaccine they should reconsider why they work in healthcare. Now she's afraid she'll get in trouble if they see her name on the list...
I've been luking : for awhile since I had an early miscarriage a few months ago...kind of lost the thrill in ttc and got sick of thinking about it all the time. : But now I'm back and feeling excited about it being 2 dpo. Had great ewcm this month and I think we timed things well, at least I feel like I have a chance this month. Should I be drinking red raspberry leaf tea or green tea in the tww? I can't remember. Congrats to all the BFP's!
: Congrats to the BFP's!!!:
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