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I'm a test a holic, and since I had mixed results this morning I had to try another brand. I went to the dollar store and they were out! So I went to the grocery store and spend way too much on the digital (all they had). But I'm dying right now......it came back Positive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really felt like I was wasting time and money but couldn't stop myself. The thing blinked forever, so I figured that meant it was neg, and was blown away when I really looked at...
Did another FRER at the crack of dawn this am and BFN! Ugh...I had pregnancy dreams all night. But of course now I'm obsessed, so I did another one around 7:30 and got another faint pink line. Totally confused. I'm sure this means I will just keep testing. I'll let you all know.
not going to even try to post picture, I can't even take one! Everything just turns out white. I'll update you all in the morning. Now if I could just fall asleep.....
Ok, 10 dpo for me, and I caved and did an FRER test....and OMG I got a faint pink line!!!!!!!! Now what sets this apart from previous tests is that the faint pink line showed up right away. By faint pink line I mean I didn't have to tilt it or check in different kinds of light to see it. Also I have gotten a faint line in the past but I showed up two hours later ( I know, not realiable but it always gets your hopes up). I showed the stick to dh and he said "not...
I back in!! Excited to be here....though only 1 dpo according to TCOYF, I think I O'd a few days ago. Not feeling any symptoms this month, hopefully they'll be coming.
: : : Congrats mommytotwo!!!!!
I'm out, see you in a few weeks.
I think I'm headed out too for this month. Just had to go to the doctor for a cold and they offered to do a urine test there, bfn, of course. 13 dpo, so I guess there's still a little hope. But I bet I'll start af tomorrow. Good luck everyone else!
Mirthfulmum-my dh is the same way! He was ready to dtd one night and I showed him the saliva ferning and he totally lost the mood. Said he just rather not know those things, too much pressure. Got another very faint pos this so still just waiting....cd30, 13 dpo...also feeling crampy so who know's whats around the corner.
Tested this am and this afternoon (yes, it's an obession) and still BFN.....just have to wait I guess, at least until tomorrow!
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