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Ive done lots of 5 min intervals..... decluttered some stuff and got it marked for the garage sale Sat. Ruthless threw away random paper things got the dishwasher unloaded and reloaded got a load of laundry done and have a bunch of clean laundry on the couch, ready to be folded I am so motivated to get junk out of my house right now! Just wish the kiddos had a place to be for the day so I could really concentrate!
I got to work last night on my closet and woohooo!! I cleaned out two large bags. But I have to admit it was a bit of a struggle. Lots of "I really love that shirt" even though it doesn't fit. Or "I might need this for ___ event". I mean looking at all my clothes in the bags made me feel like I was breaking up with someone! So crazy! Of course it made me happy to have it all cleaned out but I felt a bit sad too. Ughh I followed the ideas you all gave me. My clothes...
Thank you all! This is exactly what I needed. I just feel overwhelmed, so these are some great ideas to get me started. thank you!
I have been so inspired today by everyone on here. I going to start a clothing declutter after the kiddos go to bed tonight. My problem is we all have a ton of clothes. I love to shop, even if it's 2nd hand, all the better. As I posted elsewhere, I currently have 3 laundry basket full of clean clothes and my closet is still full. Dh thinks it's crazy we have so much, that there could be so many clothes left in the closet when we have just done all this laundry. So...
I can comiserate that I live this way too. We have a nice house with storage yet nothing ever seems to get put away. It's probably just true laziness on my part, it's just eaiser to pile stuff on the counter. I have a ton I need to get rid of. We are hoping to sell our house in about two years and like you, I don't want to be in a panic just because it might be shown. I also would like it to be at a place where people could actually drop by and I wouldn't be hugely...
This week I purged: a bunch of shoes ( 2 bags full) pizza pan grill top for stove a bag decorative plates with out the kids knowing I got rid of : kids books broken laundry hamper a few toys baby clothes I was going to sell Unfortunatley I bought two things at the thrift after I donated my stuff (one was a picture though so at least its up on the wall). But it does feel sooooo good to just get stuff out. I need to get out of the mindset that I'm going...
Of course, an old toothbrush! Thanks!
This is me too....hoping for land someday but having to be realistic right now. My dh keeps saying I should put all my ideas I'm "saving" for when we get to more land into action now. Like it's a good time to practice them while we are in the house we are in, even though it's a tiny bit of land.
Not exactly sure where to post this..... But what is a good way to clean around the fawcetts? You know that kind of wet and grimey stuff that accumulates in the little nooks in crannies and around the base of the fawcett? Not sure what to use to get it out...a cloth doesn't really get all of it off. TIA!
Yeah, she was off before any of this happened. Maybe she just combined a bunch of different things together and it all made one bad thought.
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