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What worked for us, and your milleage may vary, was for me reflect positively about church and other faith measures. It really countered the negativity from dh and others. I always left the little ones with Dad until they were ready to come on their own. I let them know that religion was deeply personal and I would be happy to share with them that side of me if they wanted it. It is ideal to be able to just raise your kids in the faith, but if you encounter such...
If Father Ed had been my priest, we may still be Catholic. What a gem!
Michelle, you have 54 minutes to reply to 11 posts. You can do it Mama! Christmas Day is almost as good as Christmas Eve.
Thanks, mama!
I'm late joining the party, as usual, but I wanted to congratulate everyone on a good semester. I am a full time student and mom of three. I really want to work in some kind of biotech research or else teach secondary science. I had a killer semester, but I survived with a 4.0. Next semester is a little lighter, work load wise, becaue I couldn't find any of the science classes I needed on my schedule or at a location convenience to me. I am currently at a community...
I *love* school breaks (mine and theirs) because I get to spend quality time with my kids. I love them and we try to keep things as simple and unstructured as possible. Even though my kids are PS'ed, they are very creative and resourceful, unlike many of their peers. Its great. But I hear a lot of that whinning too, it breaks my heart.
But my husband is visiting his parents and dd from his first marriage who live in another state. I would have thought that would make Christmas (a big deal in my family) much more complicated, but it actually has been a breeze. I have done everything: all the shopping, wrapping, planning and cooking for the big Christmas Eve celebration and the cleaning. Well, the kids graciously helped with the cleaning. Its actually been the very best Christmas I have ever had. ...
I miss my great aunt Mary and my step mother, Nancy. Both were called back three years ago this month. Mary never had her own grandchildren and adored my children. I keep the beautiful blanket she crocheted for my daughter to remember her by. Nancy was my first step mother and her love and gentleness still live in my heart. She gave me permission to dream big.
(((Megan))) How horrible, your SIL sounds like a very disturbed person. I hope for her sake and for her babies that she can pull herself together. Sometimes, even when we do everything "right", things can still go very, very, very wrong. I'll be thinking of you and your family.
Quote: Originally Posted by carolsly I want to go to church on Sunday after Christmas, but I know he won't go with me to a Baptist Church and he really doesn't feel like he can go to a Mormon one yet. I'm kind of in a catch 22. I'm not into "doing something just because I think it's best", we work as a team in this marriage. He never makes snarky remarks about religion. His faith is still there, he still believes that the church is true and real,...
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