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has anybody ever seen moltex in the States? They would be the disposables I use here and while they do contain a tiny amount of gel, they are compostable. I tried Tushies once before and wasn't too impressed, but that was on a toddler who was a heavy wetter, might be different with a small baby.
which are the most environmentally friendly ones to use? I use cloth diapers here in Northern Ireland but am travelling to NY in January to visit my family. I have taken my cloth with me in the past but it was way too bulky and took up almost an entire suitcase. Now that I have two kids and am limited as to how much luggage I can bring, I need to leave my diapers at home. I have contacted a local diaper service but should this prove to be too expensive, can anybody...
We have a tough traveler baby carrier that I picked up off of ebay and we love it - really comfortable to wear even at 22 months and dd loves it. I couldn't recommend it more.
DH is a veg, I eat chicken occassionally. We are raising dd as a veggie for a couple of reasons. I figure it's up to her to decide if she wants to eat meat once she knows where it comes from. Way too many people are disconnected from the food source - a recent poll here in the UK showed that quite a few kids don't know that pork comes from pigs and beef from cows. If she's going to eat an animal I want her to understand that. I'm also not happy about the crap that's in...
Does anybody have a good recipe for liquid hand soap? Store-bought ones drive my skin nuts!
Another good book - Better Basics for the Home by annie berthold-bond. Everything I've made in it so far has worked really well.
As long as she's getting a balanced diet, it won't make an ounce of difference whether or not she's fed meat. Make sure she gets plenty of iron, protein and fats and she'll be fine. Dd is vegetarian, tall for her age and growing by leaps and bounds. They are all different, you know best whether she's healthy and well-fed.
DD (20 mo) has a rapidly expanding vocabulary and says a lot of words for her age including 'daddy'. She doesn't call me anything. Dh reckons it's cause I'm still the center or her universe and she doesn't need to have a word for me.
Here's what dd likes for snacks: Frozen peas Strawberries Apples Breadsticks and dips. Find the Grisini breadsticks, they are thin and easy to chew. Dd like guacamole, cream cheese, kidney beans mashed with cream cheese and a bit of tomato. Pasta or rice salad with peas, bits of tomato, broccoli. Dried fruit - raisins, apricots. Cheese sticks English muffin or pitta bread pizzas French fries made from potatoes, carrots, parsnips etc. Cut them...
I usually let her climb - it's good developmentally anyway. But I do set limits, for instance she can climb on the kitchen table but knows it's off-limits when people are eating. It there's an obvious danger, I pick her up and let her see what's there - she's usually after a certain object and once her curiousity is satisfied she leaves it alone. But for the most part, tables, chairs, sofas are all ok as far as I'm concerned. The novelty will wear off eventually and she'll...
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