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Is there an update in Carol's case? 
I have heard wonderful things about Dr. Stafford in Greer: http://www.cfmofgreer.com/
Which practice are you with currently?  Do you specifically want/need to birth at MUSC?  In my experience they are great at following patient wishes in L & D, but once you get over into postpartum it's more challenging to maintain your serenity.  The OBs at East Cooper Women's Center are affiliated with MUSC and attend births at East Cooper.  They definitely facilitate natural births when desired. 
Call the county health dept. because sometimes the immunization nurses aren't there every day-find out the best time to come in.  Be prepared to wait unless you're there first thing in the morning.  As far as SC goes, it's all-or-nothing, so don't tell the nurse or the school your child has had some shots.  You will have to listen to a spiel and receive information about the diseases.  No one should ask you anything personal re: your religious affiliation.  You just...
4 and a half?  I'm no urologist but the foreskin isn't supposed to retract fully until puberty.  I'd seek a second opinion from an intact-friendly doc.  
That'd be great if New Dawn actually facilitated homebirths any more. Ask them their hospital birth vs. homebirth rate.
1.  does she regularly take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (tylenol, motrin, advil, etc.?) 2.  has she tried supplementing with magnesium?  magnesium is a very common deficiency.  i'd try 800-1000 mg of Mg citrate, malate or amino acid chelate (read labels, you do not want any Mg oxide) for several months and see if it helps.  only possible side effect would be loose stools if she doesn't divide up the doses into several portions for the day.  
I agree with BeanSprout that it would be best for you to have a heart-to-heart with each of your care providers.  They can help you assess "risk" much better than well-meaning strangers on the internet who have their own biases and do not know you or have all the information.     Having said that, here is an interesting perspective on using non-pregnant hemoglobin levels to diagnose "anemia" in a pregnant woman:   "A Guide to Effective Care in Pregnancy &...
...and that, folks, is why educated people who prefer true informed consent rather than scare tactics choose home birth.
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