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Why wouldn't he ask YOU if you'd seen anything unusual like bruises around her privates?
I had a friend once whose daughter at 4 was peeing her pants a lot. They took her to the doctor who said "Okay! You're all better now! You won't have to wet your pants anymore, can can go ahead and pee on the toilet!" and like that, she stopped peeing her pants. Something about the doctor saying that was all her little head needed to stop. Maybe something similar would help your daughter?
Does she ever say WHY she is walking that way?
When I had an MRI, the machine was really loud and I jolted at the noises--which made them start over of course. I would bet she'd wake up. My daughter just had one and she was under GA and I was scared about that, but in the end I am glad we got it over with.
Quote: Originally Posted by KweenKrunch Hi Ladies, I'm having a hard time. We had dinner at our home tonight for the Memorial Day weekend, and my MIL brought my son this: http://www.amazon.com/BLACK-DECKER-C...2295034&sr=8-3 Now, first of all, I really hate the gender-role implications - that only a "boy" would want something like a chainsaw. Why hasn't she purchased a chainsaw (or any other tool) for my girls - who are older and for whom a toy...
We used this when our daughter was around 6 months old and it worked very well--we dragged it out so we didn't shuffle out the door as quickly and the book advises. We also got her a lovey and that really helped as well.
You did the right thing. All you did was stand there, the bus driver let them off at the wrong place--the mother should take that up with the school. But how on earth would YOU be in trouble for being where you were supposed to be?! Silly DH.
Do you realize that your co-worker probably felt like you were harassing her? In the future, try saying "I did a lot of research when I was pregnant so I know a lot about this stuff---if you want help or need information, let me know!"
I would definately be concerned about the candy, but don't blame your son's behavior on that, that's a cop out.
beyond tacky.
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