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Quote: Originally Posted by Qalliope We just moved to no screen time when we first get out of bed. I was at a conference recently where Mary Sheedy Kurcinka talked about screen time not being good for first thing in the day because it's a "red" activity (stimulating, raising adrenaline etc.). For our family, though, it seems to work. We all roll out of bed at different times and do our screen time and then come together during breakfast. I...
We limit screen time in our unschooling family as well. What works well for us is to have screen time first thing in the day until breakfast is cooked. This leaves some room for flexibility since sometimes the kids are up at 6 but sometimes not til 8, and I try to leave a reasonable amount of time (30-60 minutes) before we sit down to eat together. Every now and then we'll have a family movie night during supper, or if it's been a tiring day we'll all sit and watch a show...
I've used a WAHM mei tai, a Freehand, and a Kozy, and I just can't find the love. I'm much happier with my Ergo and I've nursed my babe to sleep in it many times.
What Carrruth said! My little one is 10 months and I wear her for all her naps. Her normal routine is to have a smaller nap after breakfast (around 9) and then a longer nap sometime in the mid-afternoon. Some days she throws a third nap in. A couple of times she's only napped once. The big thing is that it works for us and she's happy and rested, and wearing her gives me the freedom to carry on with "normal" life with the big kids.
My UC breech birth story is on my friend's blog. She was frank breech and we didn't know until she presented bum first. Aaaand she just woke from her nap so I'll keep my reply short.
Homeschooling is definitely ideal for us. We value our family-focused lifestyle and so no matter how great a school might be it wouldn't be better than homeschooling.
Most of my cooking is done with baby on my back in the wrap. We wouldn't be eating much, otherwise!
I rake our yard with my baby on my back in a wrap with no problem. I use woven wraps and I put her in a rucksack carry. It's nice and comfy and I can do pretty much any bending and lifting I need to.
I voted that I don't judge. In my life at this time, trying to keep some semblance of a clean house is overhwelming and quite stressful. I haven't found the balance between the big kids' needs to get out of the house, the baby's constant need for me, and the chronic piles of laundry, toys, and dishes. When I go to someone's house and it's a bit messy and feels lived in I feel more comfortable than when I go to a spotless house.
I borrowed a La Bassine and I would gladly pay to buy one outright if I ever needed to. It was big enough for me to sit leaning against a side and fully stretch out my legs, and then when I wanted to be up on my knees I could flop all my weight over the side because the walls were so firm. I didn't end up using the handles at all but my friend who used the same pool used them tons and loved them.
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