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my son is 5 and he pees outside in our yard. I rarely let him do it in public, I never really have, but I will shield him and let him pee on the car tire for example, if it is an emergency, and we're not near a bathroom
I'm going to do those surveys on the bottom of receipts.... they only take a minute, and someone has to win the $1000, lol also need to try to keep the debt down. I'm in a cycle of pay down my few little credit cards with my financial aid each semester, then by the end of the semester, I'm using them to float me til the next payment comes in.... sigh....thankfully they've all got very low limits, lol
last night we had salibury steaks and rice... tonight was chicken salad sandwiches... my mom was in a car accident on monday, and totalled my car. shes fine thankfully, and no one else was seriously injured. thank GOD i live around the corner from work, so i wont lose my job. but now im playing phone tag with the insurance, because i work during "business hours". i just got this car in june, so i have most of the loan still due on it, and i dont know how that works. add...
im on diaperswappers still, even though ds is out of diapers... i used to be pretty active on an army wives board, back when i was still an army wife, but i let that one go when i got divorced. it felt awkward.
bumping this up... its almost christmas!
those are really good ratios... the last center i worked at was a nayec accredited army center, and while the ratios werent quiet as low as yours, they were better that where im at now. i loved it. its so much easier to do fun stuff by yourself with 10 preschoolers (or even 2:20) than when youre alone with 18 ETA- my center is a pretty well known name as well i think. theyre nation wide
and some places the ratios are ungodly high.... here in texas, the ratios are 1:4- infants under 12 months 1:5- toddlers 12-18 months 1:9- toddlers 18-54 months 1:11- 2's 1:15- 3's 1:18 -4's 1:22- 5's 1:26- schoolagers, which is k-5 in the center i work and if you work in a for profit center like i do, they are all about keeping the ratios maxed. it sucks
we always left the back door unlocked for santa when i was a kid... i love the santa key! we have a chimney now, but ds doesnt want to light a fire til after christmas, so santa wont get dirty, lol
my son also prefers his veggies raw... i need to get back into the habit of posting in this thread... also need to get some freezer meals cooked while im out of school. tonight we're having sausage and eggs and homemade (well, from a store bought dough) tortillas and apple sauce
my grammy does something similar with deli ham, cream cheese, and green onions... love it! y'all are making me hungry, i shouldnt have read this right before i should be heading to bed, lol. im not sure about ours yet... most likely a ham (gotta have a ham bone for black eyed peas on new years ) and fairly traditional
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