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i dont soak.... sometimes i rinse them out, if im at home, since i can reach the sink from the toilet, but i dont even always do that. i have a hanging wetbag that we use for that and bathroom cloth.... my pads are all 6-8ish years old, and no staining at all.
my biggest stock up savings when i have money is meat. when i get my financial aid refund, i stock the freezer with meat, then when i'm completely broke and have like $20 or less to last the week for groceries, its a heck of a lot easier if the most expensive part is already taken care of. this semester i also stocked up on dog and cat food, cat litter, toilet paper and paper towels, laundry soap, dishwashing soap, bar soap, basically the things i cant get with my meager...
we're doing a cooking demonstration/pot luck in my ASL class tomorrow, and im bringing potato soup, so i made enough for use to eat for dinner tonight too
you could throw the chicken breast on the grill- either whole or in strips, to have for quick easy meals... or chop it up and cook, if you use lots of recipes that call for bite sized pieces
62 months and counting.... he's 62 months old today, lol. sounds weird to describe a 5yo in months instead of years
thats my city, lol, and its causing all kinds of debates here. everything from mark of the beast, to she probably doesnt want to wear cuz shes skipping (i guess its a "bad" school) i dont like it, and i dont think i'd want my son to wear one either. i dont think he needs to be "tracked"
ive been here for a long time, and ive never seen this thread.... how is that possible???? lol
santa visited my sister and i even as teens... we loved it, even though we knew the truth, lol
we gave ds his when we came home from the hospital, and he nursed til he was 2yrs and 10 months. had no issues at all because of it. he did have it a long time though, past 3, because fro me it wasnt an issue. his dad took it away over a christmas visit, and i wasnt going to give it back, lol
yesterday we had baked shrimp scampi, which was great, although i should have left out the rosemary, since i dont really like it, lol, and right now i have braided spaghetti bread in the oven, which should be great, since its homemade sauce from the freezer, lol. both recipes originally came from once a month mom. i dont have a membership there, but im getting some super yummy recipes
New Posts  All Forums: