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kq, we freeze all our bread here too
I took the evaluation
tonight was the annual tamale dinner at my church, which includes a chili cook-off and a cake bake off... needless to say, i'm stuffed, lol. it started out 30+ years ago, the wednesday before thanksgiving, as a church wide thanksgiving dinner to celebrate. nobody wanted turkey 2 days in a row, and this is san antonio, lol, so tamles were the logical choice. when schools started getting out earlier, it moved to the tuesday before, so everyone could go before they left...
a trader joes opened up here in a couple of weeks ago... ds is with his dad for the week, so yesterday i went to look around so i could take my time... OMG, the parking was terrible.... theyre in a ginormous shopping center (the same one as the only whole foods, lol, but on the opposite side), and we ended up parking across the street. i cant imagine how youd actually get groceries to your car if you bought a whole cart full. that said, i saw some stuff i'd like to try,....
i loved the american girl books as a kid,and wanted a doll so bad! they also used to have a magazine, which i remember as being really cool. good articles (for a little girl anyway, lol), craft ideas, and they always featured an invention that was created by a little girl that made it big. i somehow got a cataloge recently, and while i loved looking through it (and im 30- i can definitely see how the moms could be more into it- especially if they wanted a doll, but didnt...
we never did baby foods either. at 6 months my son was eating fry shaped steamed veggies and other stuff like that that was easy to pick up. google baby led weaning for more info. id probably do commercial formula too, but i know there are recipes out there to make your own
tonight we had baked chicken and rice again... it's ds's most favorite meal, lol, and it only gets made on the weekends... so we're gonna be eating lots of chicken-y remakes this week, lol. we had lots of left overs last week, so i didnt do much cooking.
Im working on my associates in american sign lanuage interpreting- will be a certified interpreter when i graduate. this semester im taking ASL 3 Introduction to the interpreting profession intra-lingual skills for interpreters Acting 1 and math 0302 next semester it's looking like ASL4 visual-gestural communication fingerspelling and numbers and i need to take math 0303, but cant find one to fit in my schedule, and i'm scared to take it online. havent decided yet if i...
i dont... i'm a single mom, i work and go to school... my house is a mess, im always exhausted, and ds spends too much time on the kindle while i'm doing homework.... but i'll graduate in a year and a half, and hopefully thing'll be easier then, at least until i go back to school again, lol.. and i'm a naturally messy person, so i cant blame all of it on my schedule
another in the keep it camp. my ds is 5 and still loves his trains.
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