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last night was chicken enchiladas, and tonight we're having the leftovers
My ds is in morning pre-k, so he gets breakfast every day. We're working on making the best choices, lol
I got ds 's fundraising stuff in tonight, so I used one of the pizza kits I bought and we had a quick easy dinner of piazza and salad. Tomorrow is our late night because of church, so my mom is handling dinner, and ds has been requesting chicken enchiladas, so that's the plan
Tonight we had lemon chicken and gravy over rice with a salad
tonight we had lemon chicken with gravy over rice, and salad on the side... last night was endless shrimp from red lobster... im still full, lol. friday we had steaks, baked potatoes, and salad. tomorrow, im not sure yet...maybe pork chops. i've got a list on the fridge, just havent decided yet
ok, heres my delimma. ds is 4, will be 5 oct. 1st, and right at 40lbs. he is going to 1/2 day pre k this year. he will *hopefully* be riding the school bus to daycare after the am session, about a mile and a half or so. maybe 2 miles. our daycare doesnt do mid day runs. i wanted him to ride the daycare bus (its one of those white ones that is actually like a bus with seat belts, holds 14-15 kids i think) to school in the morning... i was going to buy a booster, cuz im...
we took ours outside, tossed them over the climber, and let little man go at it with the hose, lol
no, but i will now. thanks!
can you check out my thread? http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1360444/amarillo-mamas-i-need-a-hotel-motel thanks!
im meeting my ex in amarillo to pick my son back up, and im pretty sure we'll need to spend the night. i need a recommendation for a safe cheap motel thanks!
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