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What are some good deals that you get on food or paper goods or other household stuff on amazon?
I'm glad its easy for you... the only issues ive had is if something is on clearance (I buy a lot of my meats on markdown) sometimes it wont go through at first, because its not in the system as food, just as a clearance item, but a manager can usually override it
Hi, I'm Ashley. Im a single mama to a wonderful 4.5 year old boy. My mom lives with us, which helps, but the issues make it almost not worth it. I'm working on my AS in sign language interpreting and the certification is part of the degree. I did a couple semesters online of my basics, and some unnecessary classes ( I was doing early childhood education, but switched). This was my firth semester in person since I graduated high school in 2001! I took 4 classes, asl 1,...
Oh yeah, definitely the belt extender, otherwise the buckle is smack in the middle of the back of the seat and nearly impossible to undo
Our marathon fits... I bungee cord it to a cheap umbrella stroller so I don't have to carry it, and it holds carry on stuff while I'm pushing, lol
I just looked at you rdaughters stats, and ds was similar - just past 20 lbs at a year, around 24 I think at 18ish months... cant remember how tall, but he was on the short side until recently
I liked our marathon. We switched ds at 3 yrs 5 months, because he was 34 lbs.... went back to the doctor 3 or 4months later and he was barely 35 lbs, so he would have made it till almost 4 rearfacing. My sister had a radian though and he liked riding in that one too, and so didnmy niece. We had a terrible time trying to install it on the passenger side of my Saturn though, and my sister is a tech. Ds is 4.5 now, and a couple months ago hewas 40 inches and 38 lbs, ...
Ds will be 5 in October and just started wiping his own butt. He visited his dad for Christmas, and he did it himself there, but when he got home, he tried to play the "I cant do it here, i can only do it at daddy's " card, lol. He does it now, but he uses the cloth wipes from when he was in diapers. I still help him brush his teeth, butmost everything else he can (even if he doesn't want to) do on his own, except shoe tying
My ds was spotty trained at 22 months, but then he and I moved at 23 months(his dad and I divorced, and we moved from Louisiana to Texas), and he started daycare at 2, and I wanna say it was 4-6 month before he stopped having accidents there...add in he was palate talker, and it made it difficult, to say the least. He was pretty good at home though, from that point on. Hes 4.5 now, and still has naptime and bedtime accidents sometimes, but extended bedwetting runs in...
don't be so sure.. I took ds to a chicken pox party, and he ended up with like 5 or 6 spots that lasted about a week and that's it. No itching, no fever, no fussiness or crankiness, nothing. I got his titers tested to be sure, and yep, it was chicken pox
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