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Sunday we made pizza with pineapple and ham, yesterday was scallopped potatoes with ham, and today is meat loaf with mashed potatoes on top
I wanna join this thread.... need too, lol. Lets see.... this week I sold 10 things on craigslist, threw away 9 ratty old cleaning rags, and 7nearly empty boxes from the pantry. I cleaned out my closet too, but that stuff hasn't made it to the donation bin yet, so it doesn't count yet 26 out of 2012
I think it depends on the kid, the movie, and your family...ds is 4.5, and there are some "kid things" I don't let him watch, like sponge Bob, but he likes Harry potter, and LOVES the narnia Movies
Wow, lots of yummy ideas, thanks guys
Lets see... Wednesday and Thursday we had this cheesy veggie chicken cassarole with biscuits on top... Friday is movie and easy (aka usually junk, lol) food - we had Tv dinners... today was my cousins 3rd birthday party- we had burgers and hotdogs and stuff... tomorrow, the plan is roast beef and veggies and biscuits
I bought a marked down roast for the freezer yesterday
I know, I'm so happy when my card resets, lol. Saturday we hit sams, heb, and sprouts. Most of the meat in my freezers originally had a walmart clearance sticker on it, lol. Sunday we went to my cousins house. I took the ham I bought after Christmas, she did the rest. Yesterday I made oh so yummy, but oh so unhealthy tater tot casserole. My dad came to visit and cooked dinner tonight, we had pinto beans with ground beef, and street style tacos.
Sounds good.... ds loves pasta with broccoli and parmesan I searched here, and ended up trying the Brussels sprouts sauteed with bacon.... not so great, lol.... ds is loving them raw though
Oh, and 4 zuccinni too
I signed up for bountiful baskets, and got my first one today. For $15, we got 5 tomatoes, 4 small sweet potatoes, a head of lettuce, 2 bunches of asparagus, a bunch of broccoli, a bag of Brussels sprouts, a bunch of bananas, a pineapple,4 grapefruits, 5 apples, and 7 oranges... I'm pretty happy... However, ive NEVER eaten a Brussels sprout, and ive only cooked asparagus a couple of times.... any suggestions?
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