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Quote: Originally Posted by llamalluv Interesting. Because when I click on a story link from vaccinateyourbaby.org (the site referenced in the photo above), I get this: http://www.nypost.com/seven/05082008...984.htm?page=2 With this: I guess under the rules of "new math": 500 ---------- = 50% 3,000,000 Maybe Amanda flunked math.
[sarcasm] You may eczema but just think how lucky you are to not have to worry over all those fatal diseases [/sarcasm] On a more serious note, we see this all the time in our practice. (We treat children with autism) One of the best treatments for most of our kids is the elimination of casein from the diet. Try a 14 day experiment. For 14 days treat all milk, dairy, casein, whey as if you would die should you eat it. At the end of 14 days see if the eczema is clearing...
Another case of vaccines only causing death like symptoms instead of death.
Jenny on Lary King Live Full Video
Many times after a vax the immune system is weakend an a child can get a yeast or bacterial overgrowth. You could have your doc run a microbial analysis panel or organic acids profile to check. I am leaving to no internet land for 12 days. Going on vacation. Good Luck.
DAN! doctors focus on all aspects, not just the mercury. Mercury gets the headlines as it was/is in the shots and using chelation is scary. Since DAN! docs do not shy away from the issues some of these kids have with heavy metals, the perception is DAN! is all about heavy metals and that is incorrect. At our clinic, we have found about 40% have metal issues. The biggest part of our practice is with the issues of methylation and healing the gut and nutrition. We have...
Find a good DAN! doctor. (Do some research, unforunately not all DAN! docs are equal)
As well as these videos http://drneubrander.com/dev/index.html?nav=9
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