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Back a long time ago when I had a couple Wonderoos I wet pailed and they started leaking on me after that.. it was like the waterproofness was just gone!?
How does this help PPD? Is there hormones in the placenta that helps? That is so cool it help with bleeding! I would eat mine anyday if I needed help to stop bleeding, I think that is just the neatest thing that it works like that.
Quote: Originally Posted by ibusymomto5 When I used to line dry diapers I would let them dry in the sun, and then I would toss them in the dryer for about 10min to fluff them. It does help a lot to give them a little dryer time. I tried this today and it worked great, thanks!
My DD outgrew medium at like 7 months, but I have huge babys.
Im confused too. Your over 18, you can do what you want even sleep with the guy if you want, I mean your parents have no say now. Is it that your still living with them and their helping you out and you dread going against what they want?
I have. I refused to pay a $300 fee when my DD had an appointment with an allergist and our car quit and we couldn't make it. I called an hour after the appointment time to tell them, but they still added the fee. It's their policy. I will not pay it, they didn't tell me about this beforehand!
I think Id just keep it. If it works nicely, then use it. But, hopefully you will get what you want in the end!
I love Proraps, I love the fit and they wash up really nicely.
I hope you can save it!
I like them too! You can get them real cheap at Big Lots, 6 for $1.99
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