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Wow, how scary for that women to be beaten by anyone. I would freak out on the police station for not sending someone. Maybe they did and couldn't find them?
Cool! Thanks!
I like the ease of velcro, prefer snaps because they seem to stay good forever while my velcro gets pily and wears out.
I just cut up a bunch of old t-shirts for wipes! Now I have like 300 wipes! Do you think they will fray so bad they can't be used again? I hope not, they look so pretty sitting in a BIG stack!
I do have to buy bigger clothes on some things, but usually they fit under fine.
Use them as backup dipes! And order more Thirsties later!
thats great!
okay! i found it and i responded. ive had that problem for awhile now too! YUCK!
okay enlighten me! I just responded to that? Was it real? Or just you thought it was funny? I can't find it now! I think I responded to it, but not sure if that was the title!
I think I smell better when Im pregnant! I have this problem too, and now think it's because I leak urine every time I pee It's very embarassing and I didn't even know it was happening until I realized that I was always soaking wet with urine even after wiping. Yuck! So embarassing!
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