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I just wanna escape with my dh and no kids.
don't beat yourself up, after what you have already been through it's only natural your dh would be scared and being woken up straight from sleep I would probably have done the same.
never pony tail(s) with two ponys, but one big pony tail.
my doc gave me a recipe to mix benedryl (because its numbing) to maloxx and rub it in the mouth lightly. you can always buy something like oragel. I get canker sores all the time, there one of the worst pains ever!
no advice, but that sounds like so much fun!
Wouldn't do it, way too scary for me.
I feel the same way all the time.
awww.. your not a monster. your a mother who was very very tired! ive been that way many times. my 12 month old wakes me up many many times at night, i get so tired i can barely hold my eyes open and have been known to plead to her "please let mommy sleep, please please" even though i know it won't work, im just that tired that im begging to my toddler!
homeade play doh. my son gets it EVERYWHERE!
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