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The smell is sickly. It smells like chemical filled pee. A very strange and nasty smell.
My dds morning diapers smell like a nasty skunk. It smells the whole house up and makes my son gag and puke (serioulsy!) It smells identical to a skunk. The smell is terrible! I actually dread taking her morning diaper off in the morning. I rinse it out first thing though so it wont take over the house. Why does her diapers smell soooo badly in the morning? Could it be her pee? The diapers? Or just the fact that pee has sit so long? I usually use a older fitted...
Wow cool. I have forever to go before 3000.
Quote: Originally Posted by kelly81 My DS is messing with Dh's XBOX...lol he had the whole thing pulled out, controllers unwound, disc door opened....ugh...I think DH needs to find a new spot for that.. My dh would FLIP! Is it Xbox or xbox 360?
Quote: Originally Posted by kelly81 We had one last year..made $1440!!!!!! Sell your stuff cheap..people love that.. I'd rather get a quarter for something, instead of not selling it..... When you mark things under $1 people seem to impulse buy... Have everything neat and clean with prices.... Play good music Set baby/kids stuff out in frontStart on a thurs or friday...those seem to be the busiest days! Holy Moley!!! $1440!!! That is...
My mom had one this past saturday and make $140. Pretty good considering she didn't have alot to sell. She had just a few little things, and sold most all of it. GOOD LUCK!
Im sooo sorry for your loss. I will be saying lots of prayers for that family. Im so sorry, words can't express.
Well the good news is that I have her very active. She plays outside just about nonstop all day long, playing kick ball, swimming, running, tag, and having a big time outside on the run. She doesn't consume a whole lot of non organic meat though. I would say the sugar, yes, she consumes WAY too much. She is in public school and just this year alone with school lunches I don't want to even begin to know how much sugar. They had glazed doughnuts for breakfast AND snack....
awww.. that is so sad and tragic. Im so sorry. Many prayers for that family.
I know the foggers are FULL of chemicals, but I hate roaches so I use them. All of the foggers Ive ever used are crap excpet for one, the brand Bug Out. That brand rocks and works soooo well. We had roaches for awhile and found that brand and used them 3 different times, and now we have no roaches. But, all the stores in my area quit carrying it.
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