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my 4 year old says "mama come lipe my bump" for mama come wipe my butt
I have been trying to make wool covers out of wool covers using the fern and fairie bum fuzzys pattern that is free on the site. There not working, the leg holes always end up way way to small no matter how I sew them. Ive ruined like 3 wool sweaters so far. Is there another pattern free that would fit better? What am I doing wrong?
I just can't imagine the terror those babys must feel, no parent in site and their burning up and uncomfortable trying to stay alive in the heat. My sister just got the police called yesterday for leaving her 4 year old and 10 year old in the car in the heat with the windows rolled up while she ran in the post office. She rolled the windows up because she didn't want anyone to steal them, but didn't leave the AC on. Someone called the police. They wanted to get an...
When my son was a baby we used fleece lined diapers all the time, and then at around 14 months old he developed the worst allergy to fleece and suedecloth. so strange. Can you strip them with alittle Dawn and then rinse rinse rinse.
My girl has some bad yeast rash problems. Yeast just pops up everyday on her bum. Ive added a little tiny tiny bit of bleach to the diapers to kill it , but it still comes back. The last time I had her to the docs, he said yeast rash runs wild in the summer where it so hot and moist in the diaper usually. Ive heard of some kind of grapefruit stuff you can put into your wipes solution. I was at GNC the other day and found Grapefruit Seed Extract, it was not a liquid, but...
Ok. My diapers are wearing out fast, I don't have a credit card to buy more and the store I used to do CODs with isn't taking them anymore. So, my choice is Gerber flats (because I HATE the Gerber prefolds, yuck!) The flats are flimsy, but ok. Someone on here mentioned flour sacks at Walmart for flats so I may try those. Im also going to get some recieving blankets too because Ive heard those are great. So, would you still cloth diaper if you had to use Gerber flats,...
The gun part is so scary, thinking a child or anyone could lose their life! Call someone, anyone, quick!
I say monthly!
my house is a wreck! im lazy!
It works magically everytime. They can trip and hurt themselves pretty badly, but after a kiss the crying is gone.
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