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Id go with infants. My dd was 9 lbs at birth and the infants went almost all the way up to her chin when not folded down, but they fit beautifully folded down. Even a big newborn is still pretty tiny. I would not go with preemies tho!!
What a cool idea! Cute baby!
I was tormented so badly in school that it still haunts me to do this day. I was teased of course, but also physically hurt too. In 7th grade the popular girls hated me, I mean hated me! One stabbed me with a pencil so badly that I could barely move my arm, I never told anyone about this stuff EVER. I was too embarasssed. I was so ashamed of myself that for YEARS I did not go into stores EVER! When I went somewhere in the car I would bring a sheet and cover myself up...
He's 6'6,Im5'10.
Just tell her she is not invited. I can't believe she kept stripping your child after you told her know! Wow, next time grab your DD and clinch your teeth and say it right in her face loudly "listen to me!" "stop!" Maybe that might cause more trouble, but geez she has to start listening to you the childs mother! I would not let her come to a birthday party, she sounds unstable.
Glad to hear things are well!
I tried wet pail with my first and it was soo gross. I would poop the poopy diapers in the wet pail and sometimes forget about them, and come back to poop soup. ewww....
Quote: Originally Posted by Canadianmommax3 believe it or not i am not asking the whole world not to eat peanuts, my concern is his school and like other posters here have stated and feel like the parents at my son's school they think their childs right to eat peanut butter overrides my son's right to live. Every year we get a letter saying to send peanut free lunches to school, and every year my son tells me that some child brought a pb sandwich or...
I'll be so excited if I ever hit 1000 Congrats!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by boingo82 Blankets in the freezer. Then take 'em out and lay under them. I can't WAIT to try this! My freezer is really small but Im going to stuff my covers in there somehow!
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