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Thats a toughie. I love Bummis SWW, but the litewraps Ive had when she was smaller were great, fuller cut with gussets. Wish I had some!
BettyAnn those prefolds you dye ROCK! There beautiful! Good work!
just barely makin it here. none.
I want to put a picture in my siggy line with a word to click instead of the whole address, like "baby girl" and you could click on that word and it would take you to a picture. How can I do that? Thanks!
I don't think there necessary, I don't like them they don't hold even one pee for my DD.
Totally OT Im sorry, but does Wal-mart EVER carry any other butters besides peanut? Sunflower or other nuts?
I don't know what to say, that truely hurts to hear that.
I think Bummis do a great job at holding poop in that escapes a prefold. I love my pull ons, but hate taking them off whenever poop escapes! Yuck! It gets all over the legs, but I still use pull ons alot because it doesn't happen often.
My dds school would not do a peanut ban at first, then DD had an episode of breaking out in hives and swelling everywhere. They put a ban on them after that. I would have no problem with them banning milk, eggs, or whatever for other children. I don't trust that there are no traces of peanuts at school, I never will. Even if there were a ban on peanuts in public I still could not trust that my DD would be safe and she probably wouldn't.
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