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My DD has serious peanut allergys too, I wouldn't trust people even if they did say they would not eat peanuts, because most people don't realize that peanuts can be in a lot of things.
If it were me with a newborn, I think Id add at least another dozen of prefolds, probably two more dozen.
Quote: Originally Posted by LizaBear I'd just explain the misunderstanding and apologize, and then not worry about it. :
$3.97 for a half gallon
Could you try trifolding the prefolds and then adding some microfiber cloths? That way all the layers are in the center.
Thanks everyone!
If you can get a portable Id go with that. In my town there is a used appliance store and they sell used 110 volt stackable washers and dryers, so you could plug that kind of plug almost anywhere. They work pretty well too.
WIC was really good to us when my dd was born, they supported me trying to breastfeed, gave me a breastpump, gave me an off call number and when I called it went to the hospital at 8pm to get me some free nipple sheilds (i needed them) and bring them to me! But, I stopped WIC now that my DD is one. My son was on it and I felt it was contributing to his weight problem.
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