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Unbelievable! I can't stand when people overstep what parents say. My neighbor does this all the time, I yell for my DD to come home because I want her home now! and the mother will yell back at me "she is fine, she's playing, she's going to finish making her mud pie and she will be home later" grrrr......makes DD think she doesn't have to listen to me!
I tried making one once and using it. It worked ok. I think the tighter knit the sweater the better it works. Also you can soak it in softner and it will repel liquid better.
I thought I was the only one who took a wet towel to bed! I do that all the time! It gets so hot in my house sometimes that my fire alarms go off! We burn up, I can't wait for winter, we have really burnt flat up this summer.
I don't like when people take pictures of my kids if I don't know the person taking the pictures. I just never know what their going to do with them, Im sure the women was harmless in your situation though. I did have someone once take pictures of my children at an Easter egg hunt without asking, I knew the women she was a friend of my husbands family. We cut my inlaws off 7 years ago. I later called the women up and asked her what she was going to do with the...
How strange!
I hate it when people take pictures of my kids without asking, even if it's a newspaper photographer it still irks me they take them without asking. Wow, and at a pool Id be really freaked.
Maybe her rash is yeast? Do you normally use liquid detergent? Maybe the powder builds up more? Maybe your parents washer had tons of build up that went into the diapers? I sure hope she clears up fast so she can be back in cloth soon!
I was given a few older fitteds months ago , I have a few prefolds too, now my older fitteds that were given to me are wearing out , we are broke right now and I have to get new diapers soon. Using all prefolds are looking really good to me right now since that's all we can hopefully afford. For all of you only prefolds users, do you find you get burnt out using prefolds all the time and having to fold and pin each time? That's one of my fears is getting tired of...
I do rinse my bummis pants because I find they kinda get wet ,stinky , and flimsy feelin .
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