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lilyka--Thanks for the advice. My friend called ahead and the farm closes during the 3rd week in October. Her little girl got sick so we had to postpone the trip for now. Who knows? We kind of fly by the seat of our pants. :LOL We might just take off tomorrow, if the little girl is better. The lady has been very accomodating and understanding with us. I'll have to check out your pictures
I didn't know that SG had printable coupons. : I'll check that out right away. I've never been a coupon clipper b/c we only buy organic, earth-friendly products. I haven't seen very many coupons for those products. I'll start, though.
I'll agree Caroline does know how to keep a house together. I haven't read the books in years, but now I'm starting with DDs. We are on "Little House in the Big Woods." The idea of hanging a dead bear and pig outside and then Charles taking an ax to it for meat, kind of freaks me out. She had to be strong woman to do that, but I guess a mother will do anything to take care of her family. Next week we are going to De Smet, SD. It's the little house on the prairie...
Danielsmom My thoughts are with you. We are, again, going through a rift in the family. Who knows, maybe someone besides me will get a clue :LOL Mallori--good luck with the book. It's getting very hard to get through. (I'm well over halfway) It's amazing how many different emotions come to the surface from reading the book. I had a good cry last night and I feel so much better.
I think it's people's priorities in general. It depends on the person. Sometimes people will say,"Oh, I couldn't do that, it's too much work and time with the kids." They also say that "they wanted a life." We face the HS'ing comments quite regularly. It seems that it is usually, "Oooooh, you're a homeschooler!" Right away they put us in the ultra-christian hs'ing group. When we say we aren't hs'ing necessarily for religious reasons, then they start asking...
That was nice to read I think Oregon's scenery is beautiful.
INFJ It makes sense to me. :LOL
My mother and MIL do the same thing. I know they mean well, but they only need to buy one thing for each child (not 2-3). I am dreading Christmas as well. My family always buys things late (b/c they choose to, not b/c of financial concerns). The only store they have around them is Walmart. (We are not Walmart fans) We make out list b/c they ask for one and then they completely disregard it. This year we asked for a rock collection for our oldest, so we'll...
I'd have to say that APing is rare here. There are 40+ homeschoolers here (that we know of) and three of them are AP (including us). Most of the homeschoolers here are ultra-Christian. We've even seen a father reach over 3 of his children to swat the youngest on the head in church.
This is great! Dh and I just did the kitchen completely this weekend!!!
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