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Thanks!  My sister met with Anji Church, who posted above, and felt she was a great fit.  I actually used to live in Brat. and had Mary L. for my midwife with my first.  I think the birthing center must be new?  Anyway, it's great that there are choices.  
Thanks!  I should say this is actually for my sister.  I will pass along this idea.  Greenfield is not very far.
Your school should have the forms on file.  Sometimes dr.s offices have them as well.  I simply said "I need a religious exemption form for vaccines."  If they ask you questions they are being nosy.  But some people are genuinely curious and open to not wanting to vaccinate your kids and just want to chat about it.  In Providence and Pawtucket schools, I have never had an issue or even a raised eyebrow. Personally I just write that they have had no vaccines but you can...
Wow!  It's so scary! I don't know what to say about the 3 weeks of abx.  I don't know why her dr. wouldn't prescribe the right amount and I can't find anything online about needing to do it for 4 weeks (besides here ofcourse:))
Thanks!  I found the listings.  I was hoping some people who had experiences with different midwives might share their thoughts. Thanks for the ideas!
that's intense!  I know many people who are struggling or have struggled with the effects of Lyme.  We are taking it seriously with my dd.  She is on 3 weeks of antibiotics. Her dr. said the next symptom could very well be neurological damage or even heart damage.  thank goodness she did have the rash!
Any recommendations for a homebirth midwife in the Brattleboro area? TIA!
Thanks for the replies.  I am thinking that when they have the bull's eye rash you treat them with abx so they don't develop full blown Lyme's disease?  I understand that it is a symptom of Lyme exposure? infection? I am mostly covering my bases because I know I will get questioned on abx use but it seems they are needed in this case. I did not see a tick.  I feel like i should have noticed it in so obvious a spot and on someone so small.  We don't check regularly...
Are there alternative treatments to antibiotics for a bull's eye rash? Does anyone have experience with the antibiotics? My not quite 2 dd seems to have two small bull's eye rashes.  I don't want to mess around and have her develop lyme's disease but I also like to explore alternatives to antibiotics. tia!
thanks! yes, I just wish I had tried this when my ds was your ds's age!  It would have saved us years of terrible struggles.  You are lucky to have a dr. that supports it.  Every dr. we've seen acts like without dairy a child will starve!  It has completely come from dh and I.  I would like to do dairy free but ds thinks he is fine with one serving a day.  Usually it's cheese.  I'm worried it will build up again. Thank you for relating your experience!
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