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I like Etana better for a girl, it's a Hebrew girls name, the feminine of the name known as Ethan in English.  It's not a common name but I've known a couple over the years.   Etana Sol  Darkstar would be lovely for a girl.  (I don't really have an opinion about the last name though.)   Odin Felix Cloudkicker I like the idea of a happy god kicking clouds.    I would not use Feral, that's not a nice thing to call someone, I've mostly heard it used as an insult. 
We did this.  We had a renaming party for our relatives.  It actually took place about  a year before we got the legal name change done.  I really wanted to be sure before I made it legal that we were happy with the decision, but if I had to do it again I'd do the legal change first...for some reason my husband and I felt like we couldn't call him by the "new" name until it was legal.  (which was silly because the "new" name was his former middle name and the name we...
Thanks for asking. Mostly I feel angry a lot actually and I'm not even sure why. I don't like to see him have to struggle so much and I wish he didn't have to. We are having a little trouble getting the summer services slotted into place and it's frustrating to have to fight for a place for him. The school has been great though and I hope that with the extra help he gets he'll be able to thrive. It's weird to me that I'm singing the praises of public school, but in...
I wanted to update this, haven't been around in a while, but I want to thank everyone who weighed in. Shortly after this we were able to see a neurologist at Boston Children's who diagnosed him with PDD-NOS (probable Aspergers but she felt he was too young to pin it down) He now has an IEP, and will get services over the summer this year though we are still struggling a bit to put them into place, they are assured. I'm still overwhelmed but starting to make more sense...
Just curious, where did you get the body sox like tunnel? My son has a body sock but hates it, and says he wants one open on both ends (like a tunnel).
I don't even know where to begin. I've got a 4.5 year old son who was evaluated when he was 2.5 and found to have sensory processing issues. He "graduated" from the early intervention program and was said not to need further intervention. Fast forward a year and he started pre-school. After a parent teacher conference where the teacher clearly felt something was wrong we initiated evaluation by the school. They had their "inside" team evaluate and again they said that...
Hmmm. My mom wants to take the kids to Disney in a year or two but it sounds like we should avoid it for a while longer. Thanks for the report.
Has anyone had any experience with a multi-disciplinary team evaulation for Autism spectrum disorders in Massachusetts? I'm in Western Mass so further west would be better but may have to go further east to find someone our health plan covers.
Josepha and Josefina are two other options to get Josie. I think Josie is adorable but I'd go with a fuller name myself that she can use an adult personally.
Unless you gave him blueberries or prunes I'd probably call your health care practitioner. Tarry stools can mean blood in the stool. Blueberries and prunes can both create the look of very dark stools though.
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