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I had a very high needs first child that never could be put down, the sling was a lifesaver. The more he cried the more he'd get worked up and so keeping him from crying was important. My second though is completely different. He needs to cry to blow off steam sometimes and sometimes he just gets really sick of being held, and he wants to be put down to fuss and kick and then relax. Its not "crying it out" if you are right there and your child knows you are present.
Have to ditto the crib mattress on the floor idea, its what we did for naps for my son who wouldn't sleep in his crib. I don't see why its any more cluttered than a futon. A futon isn't safe for a young baby and no rail is safe for a young baby, the bedrails for toddlers are not recommended for young infants they can trap an infant head.
I think you can have a healthy vegetarian or vegan child, however, I'm surprised that you are finding meat so expensive. Remember you don't have to feed it often and you can buy a very small amount and mix it with other foods. I find that buying one organic chicken might be a bit of an expenditure but between the initial meal, leftovers, broth that I make from the carcass, per meal it does not end up being very expensive at all. If you want to make sure she gets a...
Aviva means Spring Elona means oak tree (also can be spelled Ilona or Alona)
I didn't see Alice/Celia Also just on names that are palindromic by themselves, Aviva
If you are using Joy for a middle name and your last name is one syllable I would definitely choose Natalia. Natalia Brown sounds great and isn't as common as Grace Brown might be. Also since Joy is already a word, Grace Joy is a little too much for my taste, while Natalia Joy is beautiful, very connected to the holiday season without being in your face about it.
Hi CB! I think Willem is beautiful, and if the nickname Will is working for him than I wouldn't change it, just call him Will and don't worry to much if people think he's named William in full. If you need to say his full name just include the explanation (is it the dutch version of William?). However if its really not suiting him and you would much rather call him something else, than go ahead and change it now before he knows it. I have seen birth announcements...
Given its metoric rise in the last few years I think its pretty clear that Penelope will increase in popularity, perhaps breaking the top 100 in another few years. (it was not in the top 1000 in 2000, it is now 358) I don't think it will be so popular that a baby born now will have too many classmates with the name but its always a possibility that a name will shoot up to popularity and there will be many children a few years younger with the name. Popular tv characters...
Brenna Anna is almost comical, I know that you really don't say your first and middle together all that often, but I would avoid that one completely. None of the names work perfectly with Anna but Ivy and Elise are the two best. Lira Anna becomes "Lirana" I like Ivy as a first name the best but Elise sounds best with Anna. Would Ivy Anne be a possibility?
I'd go with a different name, it would bug me if we spent lots of time together for the two boys to share a name. If the name had strong family significance than I'd see keeping it, but just because you happened to agree with your husband 7 weeks in? I don't know, every name I've planned on using 7 weeks into my pregnancy has ended up changing after a while as the child's personality slowly reveals itself. If you just can't let it go though, technically though they are...
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