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Quote: What I really don't get are the pink infant carseats, Pack N Plays, exersaucers, high chairs, etc. I can't imagine getting all of this unless you are sure you won't be having another baby. I wouldn't want to have to replace it all just because your next kid is a boy. My son has a kind of pepto bismol pink and purple bouncy seat with flowers on it because we needed a bouncy seat as an emergency (don't ask how you can need a bouncy seat as an...
Ok well it took me longer than a day to get back here! LOL. I got to read and catch up though, so it was nice to hear from everyone. Dory is four months old now and doing pretty well, he does have some reflux and its helped if I don't eat any cow milk so that's sort of a pain but not too bad since goat dairy seems to be ok. He is on pepcid for it too. It seems to be all right mostly but he hasn't gained any weight in the last month so I'm a little worried, we were sick...
just subbing for now.
Quote: I think Elliot is fine for a girl.....there are plenty of names that are now considered girls' (or at least unisex) names that originally were boys' names ... Carol, Courtney, Blair, Ashley, Madison, Shelby, Haley, Leslie, Kimberly, Kelly, Lindsey... The difference is that most of those names were not routinely being used on boys anymore when they were appropriated as girl names. Elliot and Rhys are still being used extensively for boys. ...
You could put Cedar in the middle where he won't use it with his last name every day. Or see above...Erez is a Hebrew name meaning Cedar. Good luck, I hope you find something that you love.
How about Corbin, Bran or Lonan? Corbin is Crow or Raven, Bran is Raven and Lonan is blackbird.
Quote: Well, according the SSA, Skyler is 171 for girls and Skylar is 272 for boys, so definitely a relatively popular cross over name, Its the other way, Skylar is 171 for girls, Skyler 272 for boys. I voted keep looking not due to gender issues but because the name was trendy, but is beginning to sound dated. I love Jeremiah.
Just subbing so I can find this! Will say hi tomorrow when I'm not on dial up.
If you are absolutely certain (which it does not sound like you are) change it now, because I believe in many locations it is less expensive and less hassle to change a name in the first year. If you are not absolutely certain, call her by her middle name until either you are certain or she is old enough to decide by herself. For what its worth, Maren is lovely and Anna is lovely so no worries, either way you aren't dooming her.
I think if you avoid tree names that are trees used in logging it would be ok but I would avoid Aspen for that reason as I'm pretty sure it is a name of a mill or paper company. Do a google search too and find out if there actually are any mills by that name. I think if you stick to the tree names that are commonly used as names too you will have less chance of it sounding silly. (Willow, Rowan, Hazel, Linden) The other possibility is go with tree names from other...
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